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ATÜAastane Tööühik (Estonian)
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ACS is a sudden giant within Alaska--now ranking as the largest local exchange carrier in the state, and nationally in the top 15--the company serves the former customers of Anchorage Telephone Utility, Internet Alaska, MacTel and PTIAlaska and operates in more than 70 Alaska communities.
Though the 1990s have a way of turning Greeks into geeks when melding mythology with technology, this new acronymic force, Anchorage Transparent LAN Access Service (ATLAS) might best be remembered for its strength in holding the Anchorage Telephone Utility up with its competitors as telecommunications heads into the next millennium.
Vern Craig, account executive for Anchorage Telephone Utility (ATU), warns to not be dazzled by technology when you're looking for communications equipment.
Today, utilities like Anchorage Telephone Utility are literally wiring their respective communities into metropolitan area networks," adds Schacht.
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