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One should note however, that the inclusion of the ancient Macedonian as part of the Greek history and heritage was belated phenomenon (Ibid.
Asked by a Greek reporter whether he thought that the ongoing excavations in Amphipolis may finally prove that Macedonia is Greek, mediator Nimetz said he visited many archeological sites both in Macedonia and Greece attesting to the significance of the ancient Macedonian civilization.
The celebrated king of the ancient Macedonian state is known as one of history's few "undefeatable" rulers.
Georgievski spoke sarcastically about the policies of the current Macedonian government of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and the VMRO-DPMNE party, which seek to affirm the connection of today's Slavic Macedonians to the Ancient Macedonian state of Alexander the Great and his father Phillip.
The 1995 interim accord - which the ICJ found Greece had violated in the Nato issue - was agreed to set the rules for bilateral conduct, it key terms including an agreement by Greece to withdraw economic sanctions against Macedonia in return for Skopje stopping the use of an ancient Macedonian flag, while Macedonia agreed to amend parts of its constitution implying claims on territory in northern Greece, which has a province called Macedonia.
Famous for its dazzling mosaics, ancient theater and Roman baths, Heraclea is the most vividly preserved city from the Ancient Macedonian empire surviving in the country.
Mapa: I was originally named Alejandro after Alexander the Great, an ancient Macedonian homosexual with a penchant for world domination.
There you can visit the archaeological museum holding treasures from the recently-discovered tomb of ancient Macedonian kings, wander round the old town or explore the shops of the modern city.
However, there is a possibility for the old-Greek language, which Alexander the Great learned from Aristotle, to be the "language of Alexander" or the ancient Macedonian language.
The second is to use it as a soothing green rest-stop for addled museum-goers, a place in which to wipe one's mind clean between successive forays into, say, Viking cooking pots, the films of Joseph Beuys or ancient Macedonian military headgear.
Analyst Zarko Trajanoski comments in Dnevnik that the use of the geographical determinant "Northern" is a bigger threat to our national sovereignty (which we do not treat properly) than to our ethnic sovereignty that is most threatened by the country's sponsored ancient Macedonian propaganda that provokes ethnic and national disagreement.
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