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This collective volume in his honor offers thirty contributions that include some new text editions or revised interpretations and many valuable perspectives on solving various problems or reframing certain issues in the fields of Hebrew Bible and ancient Near Eastern Studies.
However, because the action of wailing and the literary genre of lamentation are very generic notions, a short anthropological study offering an overview of "Klage" would have been very helpful not only for the wider public but also for the students of ancient Near Eastern studies to whom this book is addressed.
His vast background in ancient Near Eastern studies enables him to uncover the nuanced meanings, implications, and uniquely Israelite features of these biblical texts and the traditions founded on them.
He concludes very optimistically that these essays show that ancient Near Eastern studies do have a place in both university and non-university settings, because they deal with vital issues of human behavior and thought, even if culturally specific.
Ancient Near Eastern studies are not the only vacuum that is evident in Psalms in Community.
Herzfeld's personal and private life (little known), education, colleagues, excavations, travels, publications, his role in creating an antiquities law and a Department of Antiquities in Iran, his extraordinary contributions to Iranian and ancient Near Eastern studies, and personal issues, are solidly presented in twenty essays set into five parts: I.
This volume contains the largest body of studies devoted to the topic known to the reviewer and clearly shows the vast recent development of ancient Near Eastern studies, overwhelmingly exceeding the topics current a few short decades ago.
Indeed, it seems impossible to speak of a single, monolithically defined discipline of ancient Near Eastern studies, Assyriology, or art history.
As an outsider to ancient Near Eastern studies, he makes some excusable errors, such as placing some of Glock's writings in "American Archaeologist" (p.
Proceedings of the annual Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale (RAI) and Festschriften have always been significant publications in Assyriology and ancient Near Eastern Studies.
All scholars in the field of ancient Near Eastern studies owe a debt of gratitude to the successive editors of the RIA and to the publisher Walter de Gruyter for the production of such a useful tool.
Traditions of the Mesopotamian dog goddess and "chief physician" Gula reached Persian-period Ashkelon via the Phoenician Eshmun and the Greek Asklepios, a connection made even more intriguing because it crosses the disciplinary border between Classical and ancient Near Eastern studies, a division severely detrimental to a proper understanding of the history and culture of the eastern Mediterranean in the first millennium B.
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