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He addresses the unique character of the use by both Jesus and Yahweh, and compares its use in the direct speech of pagan gods and various kings in other ancient Near Eastern texts.
Translation from Pritchard, Ancient Near Eastern Texts, p.
More specifically, there are two ways in which its methodology is instructive for future analyses of legal and narrative biblical texts: its comparisons between biblical and ancient Near Eastern texts and cultures are done judiciously and responsibly; and its use of narrative texts to shed light on legal documents and practices is significant in light of previous studies that have appreciated insufficiently the value of such narratives.
Chapter 2, "The Donkey in Ancient Near Eastern Texts," contains a detailed review of references to the donkey in Egyptian sources (2.
In How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture; Then and Now (2007), Kugel rejects the attempt to critically analyze the Bible as an Ancient Near Eastern text in its historical perspective and simultaneously expect that inquiry to yield religious-ethical messages to the contemporary reader--Jewish or Christian.
The Ancient Near Eastern Texts, Princeton: Princeton University, 1969; and CoS, W.
Smith's goals in this book are threefold: first, to elaborate upon Jan Assmann's treatment of translatability of divinity in the ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman worlds; second, to challenge and overturn Assmann's idea that the biblical tradition completely lacks any notion of translatability of divinity (Assmann's "Mosiac Distinction")--a lynch pin, according to Smith, in Assmann's theory that Mosaic monotheism, in contrast to polytheism, is inherently intolerant and prone to violence; and third, to enrich our understanding of ancient authors' notions of deity as presented in the Hebrew Bible and other ancient Near Eastern texts.
Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament (Princeton: University Press, 1969), Eshnunna (26), p.
Looking to other ancient Near Eastern texts that claim supernatural origins, he concludes that the Hebrew scribes mediated a shift in the concept of revelation; for Israelite scribes revelation became "an object rather than an interaction; it was coterminous with a set of texts" (p.
In the same way, the biblical legal corpora came into being through critical Fortschreibung of their predecessors and of other ancient Near Eastern texts (see, e.
Although the overall approach taken by the author is rather conservative, in particular in relationship to his understanding of the historicity of major parts of the biblical text, and, as such, will not be accepted by many, it is nevertheless an extremely learned and erudite survey of the field, combining up-to-date (for the most part) archaeological evidence, the relevant biblical texts, and a very impressive philological control of ancient Near Eastern texts.
Ancient Near Eastern Texts and the Study of the Bible"), Edwin Yamauchi ("Homer and Archaeology: Minimalists and Maximalists in Classical Context"), K.
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