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ARIArmy Research Institute
ARIAmerican Railcar Industries (St. Louis, MO)
ARIApplied Research Institute (various locations)
ARIAir Routing International (Rockwell Collins; Iowa)
ARIAcute Respiratory Illness
ARIAlcohol Related Injury
ARIArden Realty, Inc.
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ARIAcquisition Reform Initiative (US DoD)
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ARIAutoridad de la Región Interoceánica (Inter-Oceanic Authority)
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ARIAndean Regional Initiative
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In April 2001, the President requested $882 million in economic and counternarcotics assistance for Colombia and regional neighbors as part of an Andean Regional Initiative (ARI).
Countries receiving aid through the Andean Regional Initiative include Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama; see Center for International Policy, "U.
Additional support for the Andean regional initiative is being provided through economic support funds and foreign military financing.
The Administration has taken to heart those concerns in formulating the President's proposed Andean Regional Initiative.
7 million for countries comprising the Andean Regional Initiative, including military funding for Colombia.
Both the Plan Colombia supplemental and the Andean Regional Initiative include assistance for democracy strengthening and economic development programs.
counter-narcotics efforts in the region has continued to focus on the Administration's Andean Regional Initiative that supports Colombia and its neighbors with foreign assistance in their struggle against drug trafficking and drug-financed terrorist groups.
counter-narcotics efforts in the region is focusing on continuation of the Administration's Andean Regional Initiative that supports Colombia and its neighbors with foreign assistance in their struggle against drug trafficking and drug-financed terrorist groups.
counter-narcotics efforts in the region will likely focus on continuation of the Administration's Andean Regional Initiative supporting Colombia and its neighbors with foreign assistance in their struggle against drug trafficking and drug-financed terrorist groups.
In the Andean region, the major issues were President Bush's requests for new assistance and additional authorities under the Andean Regional Initiative for Colombia and regional neighbors, the extension of the Andean Trade Preference Act (ATPA), dealing with the new Toledo government in Peru, and seeking ways to engage the "maverick" government in Venezuela following the ouster and return of President Chavez.
Andean Regional Initiative would grow by $106 million, or 13%, continuing a program of several years to enhance Colombia's and other regional states' capabilities to interdict illegal drug production and to support alternative development programs.
Congress is considering President Bush's requests for new funding and additional authority to provide assistance to Colombia and six regional neighbors in a continuation of the Andean Regional Initiative launched in 2001.