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I am not sure a professor of statistics would approve, but in these cases I do two things: One, I pick the distribution or transformation with the lowest Anderson-Darling value and run the capability study using that.
The Anderson-Darling (AD) goodness of fit test was used to select the probability distribution that best fit the rainfall data (Anderson & Darling, 1954).
Moreover, we also compared our distribution to Weibull distribution using some well-known goodness of fit tests like Akaike information criterion (AIC), Bayesian information criterion (BIC), Anderson-Darling test (AD), Cramer-von Mises Test (CvM) and likelihood method (L).
Anderson-Darling test was used to assess the normality of the measurements for each week of gestation and the Least-square regression model was used for the mean by fitting polynomial equation.
Firstly, Shapiro-Wilk and Anderson-Darling is applied for checking normality of the data.
The results were submitted to statistical treatment using the Mann-Whitney, Anderson-Darling Normality and ANOVA tests, with p = 0.
Os resultados foram analisados pela analise exploratoria (estatistica descritiva) e teste de normalidade de Anderson-Darling para se verificar o comportamento do conjunto de dados, e quando necessario realizou-se a transformacao dos dados para sua normalizacao y=ln(x).
The probability value (P-value) of the Anderson-Darling normality test is a measure of strength of evidence against the null hypothesis.
The normality was tested using Anderson-Darling normality test and the results proved that the residuals are normally distributed with AD value = 0.
Os resultados passaram por uma analise exploratoria (estatistica descritiva) para visualizacao do comportamento dos dados: foram calculados a media aritmetica, a mediana, maximo, minimo, desvio-padrao e os coeficientes de variacao, assimetria e curtose, tal como a averiguacao da normalidade dos dados realizada pelo teste de Anderson-Darling, para verificar se os dados sao bem modelados por uma distribuicao normal, como o comportamento da variabilidade.