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ANDESAssociation Nationale des Élus en Charge du Sport (French sports association)
ANDESAssociation Nationale de Développement des Épiceries Solidaires (French grocery alliance)
ANDESAssociation Nationale des Docteurs es Sciences (French: National Association of Doctors of Science)
ANDESAssociation Nationale des Enquéteurs Sociaux (French: National Association of Social Investigators)
ANDESAdvanced Naval Damage-control Expert System
ANDESAmbient Noise Directional Estimation System
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Some occur among the Cordilleras of the Andes, where cities, and towns, and cultivated farms are to be seen eight thousand feet above the level of the sea.
You see, I'd heard wages was 'way up on the American railroad runnin' from that place over the Andes to Quito.
We got up in the real high mountains of the main Andes, where the snow on one pass gave us some trouble; but the girl knew the trails, and, though we didn't waste any time, we were a full week getting there.
In central Chile I was astonished at the structure of a vast mound of detritus, about 800 feet in height, crossing a valley of the Andes; and this I now feel convinced was a gigantic moraine, left far below any existing glacier.
The conduct of the above-mentioned cacique was very different; he saved his life by betraying the intended plan of warfare, and the point of union in the Andes. It was believed that there were already six or seven hundred Indians together, and that in summer their numbers would be doubled.
Metminco is pleased to confirm that the Takeover Offer closed at 5pm (AEST) on 15 August 2019 and at close of the Takeover Offer, Metminco had received acceptances of 103,824,990 of 104,104,157 Andes Shares.
Project partner: Peruvian NGO, the Association for Andean Ecosystems (ECOAN), which is working to protect endangered ecosystems and animals in the Andes
Hex Five Security, Inc, the creator of MultiZone[TM] Security, Andes Technology Corporation and GOWIN Semiconductor Corp announce a collaboration to enable MultiZoneTM Security, the first Trusted Execution Environment for RISC-V on the Andes N(X)25 RISC-V Cores, which is part of 25-series, with the GOWIN GW2A Family of FPGAs.
Andes virus is a "type of hantavirus that is found in rodents in South America," and the virus can spread to people through contact with infected rodents and their droppings, the CDC says.
The results put the snow in the Andes "on the same level as that in Alaska or the Canadian Arctic," said Raul Cordero of Santiago University, who led the study.