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ANDRAAgence Nationale pour la Gestion Des Déchets Radioactifs (French)
ANDRAAdvanced Node for Data Relay in the ATN
ANDRAAustralian National Drag Race Association (Kent Town, SA, Australia)
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Before ANDRA can get the authorization to create the disposal facility, it needs to demonstrate that the facility can be maintained passively in a safe manner once it is closed and for periods of time in relation to the hazard posed by the waste.
They made the move to England last June and as it turns out Andra says their timing couldn't have been better.
Lustenau are unbeaten in their last six home games, winning their last three, while St Andra have failed to win seven of their last 11 on the road.
The company said that this contract is in the framework of the French law of 28 June 2006, making ANDRA responsible for designing and setting up a storage centre for high-activity and medium-activity, long-life radioactive waste.
Paris is fabulous in great shots like a feather floating down from Notre Dame or AndrA being dangled from the Eiffel Tower.
The Hotel Andra has a fabulous location, on the edge of a Belltown neighborhood that is enjoying an exhilarating renaissance in terms of shopping and dining.
WITH his wacky outfits and his bizarre name, we all thought that OutKast's AndrA 3000 was a bit out there.
At the end of Still A Bigot, Andra won a holiday to Rome.
He heard it and liked it and he called me," says Andra, 31.
In a report released recently, Andra estimated that final nuclear waste volumes will eventually reach 4.