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ANDYUS Popular Abbreviation for Andrews AFB
ANDYA Naturally Dominating Youth (band)
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I wrote about Andrew in April -- the only boy on the all-girl Glacierz cheer squad, a Special Olympics team of special-needs kids who had captured a lot of trophies -- and hearts -- in local competition.
HOPE ROAD IS THE HOUSE Bob Marley got when he finally had some money Andrew has a Bob Marley documentary and when they show 14 Hope Road in the film, there's always like dudes smoking weed, people playing soccer in the back, people playing music, and maybe a pregnant chick on the couch completing the look.
One of Thomas's students gave Andrew a computer with a special music-composing program that is attached to the keyboard.
When we discover that Andrew is referring to his own birth, these syntactical choices become even more ridiculous[middle dot] The dramatic elements of the first phrases in comparison to the modest appraisal of the beginnings of "what history" he has underscore this effect.
Andrew Corporation (NASDAQ:ANDW) designs, manufactures, and delivers innovative and essential equipment and solutions for the global communications infrastructure market.
The Andrew 4 Meter Class High Value ESA is well suited for emerging markets, such as Africa, Latin America, and Asia, which require robust systems with a low cost of ownership.
Andrew offers a complete line of robust and field-proven distributed communications system solutions for difficult coverage areas, tunnels, metros, and buildings, and has more than 15 years of experience in designing, installing, and managing large and complex radio frequency distribution systems for metropolitan railways, building owners, and public mobile radio and telephone operators throughout the world.
Our agreement with Andes will combine the complementary resources, capabilities, and product portfolios of two companies that serve the same cable television multiple system operators (MSOs)," said John DeSana, executive vice president and group president, Antenna and Cable Products Segment, Andrew Corporation.
As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the establishment of our local subsidiary in India, Andrew is proud to significantly expand its capabilities in support of this nation's rapid deployment of wireless networks," said John DeSana, group president, Antenna and Cable Products Segment, Andrew Corporation.
We are delighted to see their high level of support has continued throughout our relationship and that it is a normal part of doing business with Andrew.
The innovative GigaSat flyaway antenna line is a strong addition to the product offerings we can make available to customers in these five Asian nations, supported by our strong sales presence and local technical support teams," said Jude Panetta, group president, Satellite Communications, Andrew Corporation.
For these reasons, we think Andrew Corporation is the perfect match.