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AFCUAndrews (Air Force Base) Federal Credit Union
AFCUAmerica First Credit Union
AFCUArkansas Federal Credit Union
AFCUApple Federal Credit Union (Fairfax, VA)
AFCUAgriculture Federal Credit Union
AFCUArizona Federal Credit Union
AFCUActors' Federal Credit Union
AFCUAmoco Federal Credit Union
AFCUAir Fuel Control Unit (mechanics)
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Beacon's diocese, Saskatoon, is almost an equal balance of city and rural churches, according to Rodney Andrews, the diocesan bishop.
One will sport the Sykes Pumps logo while the other will run under Andrews Air Conditioning colours.
Police suspected Andrews in the abuse of the two sisters, ages 4 and 8, but had not gathered enough evidence to arrest him when another 4-year-old disclosed abuse by him in a separate case, Veach said.
To read Andrews' and Scull's endnotes is to believe that none of the last fifteen years of psychiatric historiography ever took place; that the debates in the field froze with the 1980s publications of Elaine Showalter, Michael MacDonald, and Roy Porter.
Andrews University attracts students of a particularly high caliber and is well-known for subjects such as medicine and international relations.
A protection officer was with Andrew at the time and he also escaped uninjured.
The newsletter launch was preceded by an Andrews conference in June 2002 titled "Mold: The Next Asbestos?" The new Mold Litigation Reporter is one of more than 40 titles in the Andrews line of newsletters and litigation reporters.
Development's Supportive Housing Program to support the first three years of operations at The Andrews, as well as some capital funds.
The storage benefit would have had little impact on Andrews, had he not been allowed to ship a vehicle.
The prohibition against coveting a neighbor's wife appeared in Andrews' Tenth Commandment, along with prohibitions against coveting a neighbor's manservant, maidservant, cattle or any other property.
As Johnson's narrator, Andrew, states in one of his meditations on the "Black World" of slavery,
Unwilling to give up, Blake sought guidance from Andrews and her husband, Darrell, co-owner of FamQuest.