ANDRSAgence Nationale pour le Développement de la Recherche en Santé (French)
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The promising soccer star has made 20 appearances for Villa, and was likened to Barcelona midfielders Xavi Hernandez and Andrs Iniesta by former manager Gerard Houllier.
KYLIE Minogue is clearly getting serious about boyfriend Andrs Velencoso - she's even learning his language.
The concert opened with an ideal curtain-raiser - Mozart's Overture to the Marriage of Figaro - in which conductor Andrs Orozco-Estrada from Colombia, with his engaging smile and enthusiasm, showed just why Viennahas taken him to its heart.
The Spaniards lifted international football's biggest prize for the first time in their history in South Africa in July by demonstrating defensive resolve and a passing ability that is arguably unrivalled in the modern era, as they overcame the likes of chile, Portugal, Paraguay and Germany, before Andrs iniesta's extra-time goal gave them a 1-0 win over the Netherlands in the final.
The development will transform South BeachOs Ritz Plaza Hotel, located across 17th Street from the Delano, to include collaborations with designer Philippe Starck, culinary director Chef Jos Andrs and Chef Katsuya Uechi.
Stockton-based Daisy Chain was an unexpected beneficiary of pounds 3,200 thanks to Andrs Iniesta's late extra time win.
EVERY completed pass by Spanish maestro Andrs Iniesta was taken as proof of the playmaker's brilliance while every slightly-contentious decision by referee Howard Webb was deemed evidence of him feeling the pressure of being in charge of a World Cup Final and of him losing control of the match.
The pop princess has used her Twitter page to dismiss reports that her relationship with Spanish model Andrs Segura (pictured) is on the rocks.
The naughty Spinning Around singer couldn't keep her hands off lover Andrs Velencoso as two girl performers stripped off and writhed around a pole together.
To support his argument he points to Hungarian immigrant Grf Andrs, the scientist who, better known as Andy Grove, helped build Intel into a world leader in the semiconductor industry.
It made the newly elected president, Carlos Andrs Perez, promise the people that Venezuela would become a developed country within a few years - with Mohammed Reza Pahlavi vying to make Iran the world's fifth.