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ARCTUAndy Richter Controls the Universe (TV Show)
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Single-cam shows are famous for being slow-starting critical successes ("The Office," "30 Rock") or cult favorites doomed to premature cancellation ("Arrested Development," "Andy Richter Controls the Universe").
Roy Wood (Christmas Mania) ...and Andy Richter Controls The Universe.PUB Landlord Al Murray has a brand new comedy DVD out and I have TEN (each worth pounds 19.99) up for grabs.
Usually cast in caustic supporting roles (most memorably as the boss in "Andy Richter Controls the Universe"), Brewster plays Amy Pierson here.
Having previously produced Fox's gone-but-not-forgotten "Andy Richter Controls the Universe," Fresco enters the way-back machine and turns his attention to Laz (Zachary Knighton), who can't even control his own room.
Critical fave "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" is technically still alive, but its star has already moved on.
V: Your character in "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" seems like a perfect fit for your comedy.
Andy Richter Controls the Universe" has the potential to be the most talked about comedy of the 2001-02 season, a true water-cooler conversation generator that will have viewers in stitches on Wednesday mornings as they recount Andy's antics from the night before.