ANEIAntioch New England Institute
ANEIAssociazione Nazionale Ex Internati (Italian: National Association of Former Internees)
ANEIAustralian Noise Exposure Index (Airservices Australia; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory; Australia)
ANEIAccess Northeast Energy, Inc. (Canada)
ANEIAnnuaire National des Experts Immobilier (French: National Directory of Real Estate Experts)
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In various conversations and interviews in the villages of Data Dian, Long Metun, and Sungai Anei, the people invariably made remarks about their view of what living in the lowlands was like and why they decided against it.
This message, according to Awan's son Anei, was delivered by Lt.
The earliest of Buson's "Momosumomo" letters to Kito is dated on the twelfth day of the third month of Anei 9.
The formation of the new rebel movement comes barely a week after a newly-formed political entity elected the former governor of South Sudan's Warrap state, Lewis Anei Kuendit as its chairperson.
The credential documents, according to Joseph Ayok Anei, the undersecretary of the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation, follow a standard text covering academic and other necessary qualifications required for diplomats to qualify him or her as representatives of the nominating governments on whose behalf they empowered to speak.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Joseph Ayok Anei, said Friday that officials at Immigration Service have been directed former public office holders to immediately surrender official and diplomatic passports issued to them while they were in office.
Joseph Ayok Anei, undersecretary at the ministry said the country was not blocking entry, but was simply evaluating security situation.
The 26 July 2016 letter entitled "Review of UNMISS" travel practices and bearing the signature of Lieutenant General Majak Akec Malok, and was addressed to the undersecretary at the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation, Joseph Ayok Anei.
He named Anei Anei and Anei Wal Achien as the new county commissioners for Korok North and East counties, respectively.
A rapid assessment carried out by TF in Maker Anei and Jer Akol IDP camps in 2013 found that there
These include Kennedy Clement (political affairs and mobilization), Susana Remy (administration and organization), Chier Rehan (popular and syndicated organization), Deng Mading (culture, information and telecommunication), John Arimo (research, training and planning), John Chuan Bakingi (finance and economy), Santo Malek Anei (external affairs) and Mary Paul will be over the party's social welfare.
Contract awarded for anei contour mapping adelaide airport