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ANERAssociazione Naturista Emiliano Romagnola (Italian: Naturist Association of Emiliano Romagnolo)
ANERAuto Negotiation Expansion Register
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This is why the signal virtue of a man (aner) might be thought to be courage (andreia).
Plato, however, makes a clear distinction between aner (man/male) and anthropos (human being/member of the human species), and argues that the best life, the philosophical life, is for human beings.
03 58: 13: 2014 19, Jun Date: Composite; Plate: mm); HERBERT SANDRA ANER On July 2nd, 2015.
Oxidative stress is defined as an imbalance between production of free radicals and reactive metabolites, and their elimination by protective mechanisms, referred to as antioxidants (El Golli- Bennour and Bacha, 2011; Piner and Aner, 2013).
Measurements were performed with a Unitherm model 2022 thermal conductivity instrument using Aner 2022 software.
Aner, a stocky Israeli researcher, plans to study whether shoppers who chew minty gum make healthier supermarket choices.
The selected residence, determined by ANER, will be intended to function entirely off-grid.
THE THEORY: The faster paced TV seemed to distract viewers more, contributing to mindlessness eating, said Cornell researcher Aner Tal, the study's lead author.