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ANFOAmmonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil (explosive)
ANFOAnimal Noise Force Organisation (band)
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The company states, "In 1981, Maxam North America introduced an advanced explosives system to the mining industry based on HEF-High Energy Fuel, which when blended with ammonium nitrate prills forms Heavy ANFO. Heavy ANFO has significant water resistance, higher density, and greater energy than ANFO."
2300 kilograms of ANFO explosive were used resulting in enormous damage in the building and the collapse of a large part of it.
Finally, other serotypes are portmanteaus or acronyms: Anfo (animal food), Ank (address not known), Ceyco (Ceylonese coconut), Chincol (Chinese egg, Colindale), Echa (egron and chamoiseau [family names of scientists who discovered this serotype]), and Inpraw (Indian prawns) (8).
"For example, alkane vapors and the ammonium nitrate fuel oil mixture (ANFO) are extremely explosive and have brought numerous disasters in recent years," he said.
It is recommended to the Ontario Ministry of Labour that all mines establish a working group to conduct a risk assessment with a view to improving lighting options for the ANFO loader.