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AT1RAngII Type 1 Receptor (gene)
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AngII exerts numerous detrimental effects such as vasoconstriction, inflammation, and fibrosis by binding to its receptor AngII Type 1 receptor (AT1R) (3), promoting the progression of heart failure (4), whereas its actions on the type 2 receptor (AT2R) are thought to be beneficial, mediating vasorelaxation and antihypertrophic and anti-fibrotic effects (5).
Consequently, our present results suggest that endothelial cell activation is associated with the activation of the AngII type 1 receptor and increased expression of ERAP1.
Of importance, we report that in vitro activation of endothelial cells by AngII leads to increases in ERAP1 mRNA via activation of the AngII type 1 receptor in endothelial cells (Supplementary Data Figure 1).