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ANGAAssociazione Nazionale Giovani Agricoltori (Italian: National Association of Young Farmers; Italy)
ANGAAlabama Natural Gas Association (est. 1966; Hartselle, AL)
ANGAAnti-Narcotics General Administration (est. 1929; Egypt)
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MSNBC, a TV network that, like NPR, is much enjoyed by liberals, regularly airs natural-gas propaganda from ANGA and the American Petroleum Institute.
Este apartado es menos convincente por dos razones: concierne solo a una parte de la sociedad, la de los aficionados (en gran medida masculina), y si bien es cierto que para ellos estos objetos tienen la capacidad de activar sociabilidad, mezclar pensamientos y emociones, sin embargo la comunicacion no verbal inducida por estos objetos pone en juego solo la parte de la vida social dedicada al uso del tiempo libre, y no los pilares de la sociedad, como ocurre para los Anga con los sistemas matrimoniales, los ritos de iniciacion, etc.
As they make decisions about the clean energy future, ANGA seeks to inform and engage all stakeholders about the opportunities presented by greater use of this clean energy resource-improving air quality, adding jobs to the economy and enhancing energy security.
A spokesman for New Zealand police said: "Miss Bond is believed to have died as a result of her losing control of a quad bike she was riding which plunged down a bank in steep terrain about 2km from Te Anga.
Although this 'community' includes recent and long term migrants from all areas of Papua New Guinea, the majority of residents and the focus of my ethnographic study are speakers of the Hamtai and Menya languages of the Anga linguistic family, who started to accrue to the mines in the immediate post-war years, first from the Upper Watut and Aseki areas of the Bulolo District, and then from the Menyamya District of Morobe Province and the Kaintiba Sub-District of the Gulf Province of Papua.
Ces tendresses symbiotiques n'annulent pourtant pas l'asymetrie radicale des relations hommes/femmes partout sur le territoire anga.
The bureau was the precursor of ANGA and the first agency of its kind in the world.
In 2015, DEA and ANGA joint investigations resulted in the seizure of over 30 metric tons of hashish.
Earlier, Smart led in Al Anga after a victorious outing in HH Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al Thani Cup, a Pure Arabian race for four year olds.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-May 19, 2014-Pace to showcase RDK products and solutions at this year's ANGA COM show
NGVs offer a trifecta of solutions for our economy, environment and energy security," said AGA President and CEO Dave McCurdy, who will serve alongside ANGA President and CEO Marty Durbin on NGVAmerica's executive committee.
As part of the ANGA Collegiate Energy Challenge, students from Wayne State have a rare opportunity to put their education to work in the real world for a national organization.