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AOTOAngel of the Odd (band)
AOTOAortic Outflow Tract Obstruction (cardiovascular medicine)
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said the Angel of the Odd, apparently much softened at my distress; "mein Gott, te man is eder ferry dronk or ferry zorry.
Hereupon the Angel of the Odd replenished my goblet (which was about a third full of Port) with a colorless fluid that he poured from one of his hand bottles.
Upon examining it I discovered that one of the raisin stems which I had been filliping about the room during the discourse of the Angel of the Odd, had flown through the fractured crystal, and lodging, singularly enough, in the key-hole, with an end projecting outward, had thus arrested the revolution of the minute hand.
My dreams were terrifically disturbed by visions of the Angel of the Odd.
While I stood bewildered at the suddenness of this accident, (which might have happened, nevertheless, to any one under the sun), and while I still continued incapable of sight, I was accosted by the Angel of the Odd, who proffered me his aid with a civility which I had no reason to expect.
The final work, Angel of the Odd, promises to be a powerful, edgy piece of dance-theatre, which is based on four intriguing and decadent short stories by Edgar Allan Poe: The Man in the Crowd, The Tell Tale Heart, A Descent into the Maelstrom and MS.
Inspired by the classic works of a painter, a poet and storyteller, and an artist, it's made up of three pieces: Trio, Swathes of Sweet Time and Angel of the Odd.