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ANGIEAdaptive Network for Granular Information and Evidence Processing
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Angie, who overcame deafness to run her own business, said: "This couldn't have come at a better time for me as Monday was my first day of being 100% self-employed.
At school, Junior, when he goes to open the school on his father's order, finds the dead body of Angie under a sheet of butterflies.
Angie said: "We're three days a week at Enable Ireland and we have hospital appointments, physio appointments and it's just constant.
But the fact that Selina still even talks to Angie seems incredible, considering for eight years her older sister had an affair with her partner - even having a baby with him.
Angie, wife to Mike and mum to Thomas and Matthew, discovered she had melanoma after going to the doctor's about a mole on the back of her neck.
Jim picked it up and Angie, 50, took pictures of him posing with it.
In the back, from left, are community journalists Carol Rock, Alejandro Guzman, Jason Kandel and Angie Valencia.
Angie is becoming used to her striking new look after having her shoulder length locks shaved off for charity.
His reading is by turns professorial as Miles lectures anyone who will listen about crabs and starfish, and passionate as Miles agonizes over his parents, Angie, and Florence's approaching death.
Today she lives in the same Santa Ana, California, house she grew up in, but in an unlikely twist of fate, she and her sister Angie now devote much of their time to campaigning against illegal immigration.
Nikki, 11, is now at the main-stream Lambton School in Sunderland, which Angie puts down to American techniques she and her husband Kevin, 41, tried.
Angie loves performing and has never suffered from nerves ( not even when singing in front of North East legends like comedian Brendan Healy and AC/DC singer Brian Johnson at a charity golf day in County Durham.