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"We have added new destinations including Jordan, Egypt, Easter Island and Angkor Wat, as well as stops at two new Four Seasons properties in Athens and Madrid."
Visiting Angkor Wat used to be an expensive affair two decades ago, when Cambodia was just recovering from a traumatic chapter in its history.
Accompanying the winners will be one-armed athlete and runner, CK Loh, in the Mount Kinabalu challenge and local personality, Davina Goh, in the Angkor Wat Marathon.
He said: "I am getting quite jealous of Katrina heading off to China and Ho Chi Min City and Angkor Wat have been on my bucket list for a long time.
Why should you prefer the trouble and expense of actually visiting Angkor Wat or Niagara Falls when you can get all the experiences of being there by putting on goggles and a body suit?
His single-minded goal is to restore and conserve the ancient temple complex at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.
There are thought to be more than 1,000 temples dotted over a sprawling 1,000km area, though these range in grandeur from a tumble of rubble in a soggy rice field to the magnificent Angkor Wat.
Most notably of all, Siem Reap is home to the magnificent Angkor Archaeological Park - a Unesco World Heritage Site of ancient Khmer ruins, including the Eighth Wonder of the World, Angkor Wat.Each of the 39 suites have recently undergone a complete upgrade and are accented with teak wood trimmings and sandstone sculptures reminiscent of the famed Apsara dancers.The prestigious Anantara and Sothea Suites feature a private garden, those on the second level a large balcony perfect for in-suite al fresco dining under the stars.
Khon said it was important service staff, especially at places such as ticket booths in attractions such as Angkor Wat, speak Chinese.
Thrill of the temple run JOHN HONEYWELL LARA Croft introduced most of us to Angkor Wat but she is not the only Tomb Raider to have plundered these Cambodian relics.
Their destination: Angkor Wat, a medieval temple that's famous for massive towers and majestic stone carvings of Hindu gods, spirits and mythological battle scenes.
After a stop at Koh Ker temple - our first glimpse of buildings "strangled" through time by tree roots - it was on through the gathering gloom, past cattle-led carts, logging vehicles and kids on bikes as we made for Siem Reap and the world-famous Angkor Wat complex.