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ANAs Needed
ANAuthor's Note
ANAnglais (French: English)
ANAssociated Number
ANArmy Navy (hydraulic or pneumatic fitting used in the aerospace industry)
ANAssociate Nurse
ANArrival Notice (shipping)
ANAnnum (Latin: Year)
ANArmy Nurse Corps
ANAtomic Number
ANNetherlands Antilles (top-level domain name)
ANAncona (Marche, Italy)
ANAccount Number
ANAscending Node
ANArabian Nights
ANAntonov (Soviet aircraft designer)
ANAccount Name
ANAccess Network
ANAnorexia Nervosa
ANApocalypse Now (movie)
ANArmy Nomenclature
ANAmbient Noise
ANAryan Nations
ANAdministrators' Noticeboard (Wikimedia Foundation)
ANAmerican Nightmare (band)
ANAmmonium Nitrate
ANAhonen (blood group)
ANAragonese (ISO 639-1 language code)
ANAccess Number
ANArquivo Nacional (Portuguese: National Archives; Brazil)
ANAcoustic Neuroma
ANAllied Nations (Street Fighter game)
ANAlleanza Nazionale (Italian: National Alliance, right-wing political party)
ANAuftragnehmer (German: contractor)
ANAcanthosis Nigricans (skin disorder)
ANAlianza Nacional (National Alliance, Guatemala)
ANAdvisory Note
ANAccess Node
ANAnime Nation (anime website and forum)
ANAnime North
ANArchives Nationales du Canada (National Archives of Canada)
ANActinon (Actinium emanation)
ANAnsett Australia Airlines (flight number prefix)
ANAssemblé Nationale (French Parliament)
ANNet Laying Ship (US Navy)
ANAlsace Nature
ANAkademija Nauk (Academy of Sciences; Russia)
ANAirborne Network
ANAirworthiness Notice
ANAvian Nephritis
ANAhmadi Nezhad (Iran)
ANAstroNest (company)
ANAlternating Network
ANAnalog Nonsecure (US DoD)
ANAldo Nero (Spanish, shoes and leather good maker)
ANArmy Interoperability Network
ANAcronym Namespace (humor)
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D'apres les medias, le courrier electronique duclub anglais est arrive avec 14 secondes de retard.
ca/ what-difference-can-three-mlas-with-disabilities-make/O [EN ANGLAIS SEULEMENT].
The piece was inexplicably booed at its premiere in 1924 - but deservedly cheered here, Petrenko and the Phil dazzling in an opening movement that was like a tub of glitter being tipped over the hall, and moving silkily through the Biblical second and romantic third, to a finale which featured another sinuous cor Anglais solo before building steadily to an ear-shattering, surround-sound (literally) climax.
Mais Harry Kaneallait ruiner tous les espoirs Anglais.
900 metres aux poulains males entiers et pouliches Pur-Sang Anglais nes et eleves au Maroc, et la coupe de Vitesse, ouverte aux chevaux males entiers et juments Anglo-Arabes ages de 4 ans et plus et devant se jouer sur la distance de 1.
J'etais au conservatoire a cette epoque et, dans la classe de Jean Devemy, figurait un corniste Anglais (Jan Harper).
Creme Anglais Michael Bell Looked on song in her latest exercise on the watered gallop.
Like the firm's first project for the hotel chain, the nearby Scandic Anglais, completed in 2006, the 161,500-square-foot Grand Central is "a living room in the middle of the street," Ekroth says.
Serve warm with double cream or vanilla ice cream Rowley the chef Le Caf Anglais founding fathers British cooking award-winning He has conjured mouth-watering a spiced apple of Rowley Leigh, the chef proprietor of Le Caf Anglais is one of the founding fathers of modern British cooking and an award-winning cookery writer.
Version originale en anglais sous titrE[umlaut] en arabe.