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ANGLAir Naval Gunfire Liaison (USMC term)
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The Anglican Church in America is part of the Traditional Anglican Communion, a group of churches that separated from the worldwide Anglican Communion in 1991.
The big question in the current Anglican crisis is whether the battle over Robinson, for all its emphasis on issues of sexuality that past generations could barely have imagined, is just another reflection of that age-old battle, or whether the ECUSA has rejected all Anglican orthodoxy in the pursuit of a sincere but secularist devotion to sexual equality.
Both the Anglican Church in Canada, where one of its dioceses (New Westminster) has approved same sex blessings, and the Episcopal Church in the United States, which elected a gay bishop, are embroiled in a protracted conflict with some provinces in the Anglican Communion over the place of homosexuals in the church.
Secondly, because of the central role of the Archbishop of Canterbury as the focus of Anglican unity.
Walton writes to edify as well as please; above all, he writes as a committed Anglican.
dioceses--are calling for a schism, where the dissenting churches would break from the Anglican Communion and set up their own independent authority.
There is an awareness of that connection because each member church has a common origin - the Anglican Church in England.
For instance, the 2001 national census reported that about two million Canadians identified themselves as Anglican, but the Anglican Church of Canada's 2001 figures show that there are 212,577 people identified as regular givers out of a total of 641,845 people on parish rolls.
Robinson, recently in England for a four-day stay, including a visit with the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, hit out at the Catholic Church, accusing it of "vile" treatment of homosexuals (Tablet, Nov.
I knew that while the Episcopal Church (to which I belong) is one of America's most liberal denominations, the Anglican Communion (to which it belongs) is overwhelmingly conservative.
Another position was strongly supported at the most recent Anglican Synod of the Diocese of Niagara.
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