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The Inter-Faith Peace Movement represents a broad religious spectrum, and its members include the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims, the Muslim Consultative Council (MCC), the Methodist Church, the Catholic Church, the NCCK, the AIC, the PCEA, and the Hindu Council.
Minister Wang Zuo'an led a delegation from China to visit the Anglican Church of Kenya May 12-16.
In the past, Christianity was treated as a foreign religion, but now we treat it as ours," said Wang at a meeting with Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya.
As he headed towards retirement at the end of April, Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya, told the Anglican Journal that he hoped to leave behind "a strengthened, transformed province," one that is "well-grounded in the word of God" and "well-equipped to meet the challenges of the new millennium.
A Canadian-Anglican delegation in mid-March visited Kenya to look at the HW/AIDS situation there and came home enthused by the "hope" and "great faith" they saw in people living with the disease as well as the staff of the Anglican Church of Kenya, who have been actively involved in HIV/AIDS and development work.
Baskin said the delegation left "with a much clearer sense of what HIV/AIDS work is being done in Kenya both generally and specifically by the Anglican Church of Kenya and how that is supported by their dollars and work through the Primate's Fund.
A similar stance was taken by Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi of the Anglican Church of Kenya who announced that his church will have nothing to do with Robinson or any of the 53bishops who participated in his consecration.
The Anglican Church of Kenya has rejected a total of $75,000 US ($100,000 Cdn) in grants from the Episcopal Church of the United States of America (ECUSA) in keeping with a vow made last April by African bishops to refuse money from dioceses that allow gay men and lesbians to function as clergy.
Also on the committee are the Anglican church of Kenya, the Methodist church, the African Independent Pentecostal churches and the Supreme Council of Muslims in Kenya.
Anglican Church of Kenya Provincial Secretary Bishop William Waqo said that in the past, the church had "joined the bandwagon of condemning people infected by AIDS," but now there is growing awareness of the need to preach hope amidst the pain and despair of the disease.
Benjamin Mwanzia Nzimbi, fourth archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, was enthroned in September at All Saints' Cathedral in Nairobi.
The new archbishop becomes the fourth head of the Anglican Church of Kenya and will be enthroned when Archbishiop Gitari formally retires next month.
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