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Archdeacon of Cardigan Dr William Strange, a member of the Anglo-Catholic conservative alliance Anglican Mainstream, believes Richard is worthy of his grand occasion.
But the group Anglican Mainstream said gay rights were stifling the rights of people to live lives of faith openly.
The groups Core Issues Trust and Anglican Mainstream made posters reading "Postgay and proud.
Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who chairs Transport for London ordered the adverts to be pulled following a public outcry about the Core Issues Trust campaign, backed by Christian group Anglican Mainstream.
The vote was the culmination of the diocese's continuing theological disputes with the Episcopal Church and many diocesan leaders later said the decision put the diocese in what they called "the Anglican mainstream.
Canon Chris Sugden, of the Anglican Mainstream group, backed the idea.
Archbishop Drexel Gomez of the West Indies; Gregory Venables, presiding bishop of the Anglican Church in southern Latin America; five bishops from the Oxford Diocese and representatives of the American Anglican Council were among the group, called the New Network Anglican Mainstream.
htm) Full Gay Rights Threaten Christians in Public Life, Says Anglican Mainstream
In the long run, despite the threats, any break by the conservative leaders in Africa, Asia and Latin America from the Anglican mainstream may cost more than they are willing to pay.
Canon Chris Sugden from a group called Anglican Mainstream attended the Nairobi meeting, at which bishops and others from East and West Africa, Latin America, Australia, Canada and Britain, were present.
Evangelical Anglican Mainstream said yesterday: "This appointment has caused dismay.
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