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ANGAir National Guard
ANGNetherlands Antillian Guilder (ISO currency code)
AngAnglian (linguistics)
ANGAmerican Needlepoint Guild, Inc.
ANGAmerican Angler
ANGAmerican Newspaper Guild
ANGAlberta Natural Gas
ANGAssociated Natural Gas (Company; Missouri)
ANGAir Niugini, Papua New Guinea (ICAO code)
ANGAdaptive Non-Linear Guidance
ANGAcademia Non Grata (Estonian art school; est. 1998)
ANGAlameda News Group (California)
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Britannia sive florentissimorum regnorum Anglice, Scotice, Hibernice, et insularum adiacentium ex intima antiquitate chorographia descriptio.
This prologue probably was included in the play's first performances, for at its revival in 1568 at Merton College, Oxford, this play is recorded as "tragico-moediam Damonis et Pythiae Anglice, praesentibus Magistris, Baccalaureis, et alijs domesticis cure nonullis extraneis.
Caelebs, 47 Sed Juvenis Aspectu, Non Fumator, Facetus, Poeta Anglice et Latine, Feminam Corpore et Mente Pulchram Quaerit Causa Amicitiae et Fortasse Amoris.
Register P, which originally formed the first part of a volume containing also what is now the separate Register O, opens with an index; and this lists the poem as 'A balade Anglice CCCCXIX' - referring to the medieval page-number still to be seen at the top of fo.
Lesigang-Bruckmuller, "'Opusculum hoc author-sibi et aliis injurius-Anglus Anglice scripserat': Englands Debatten des 16.
to] die Iunij <Anno & c> vltimo preterito in simul convenerunt apud Tunbridge predictam in quodam Domo ibidem vocato a playehowse & predictus Edwardus Calvely Edwardus Oxley Sidneus ffrances Iohannes Holmden & willelmus Beach insultum & quendam affraiam inter se adtunc & ibidem in nocte eiusdem diei fecerunt in qua quidem affraia et insultu predictus idem Edwardus Oxley <[begin strikethrough]yeoman[end strikethrough]> cum pugione Anglice a dagger valloris xij d.
On the one hand, medical texts, represented by an edition of MS H Glasgow, University Library MS Hunter 185, described in Young--Aitken (1908: 131-132), under the heading Flora medica, Latine et Anglice, etc.