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ANGAir National Guard
ANGNetherlands Antillian Guilder (ISO currency code)
AngAnglian (linguistics)
ANGAmerican Needlepoint Guild, Inc.
ANGAmerican Angler
ANGAmerican Newspaper Guild
ANGAlberta Natural Gas
ANGAssociated Natural Gas (Company; Missouri)
ANGAir Niugini, Papua New Guinea (ICAO code)
ANGAdaptive Non-Linear Guidance
ANGAcademia Non Grata (Estonian art school; est. 1998)
ANGAlameda News Group (California)
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Of particular concern to him is the curious macaronic species distinguished by its alternation of English and Latin within the boundary of a single sentence (as if, for example, scriberem the remaining sentences huius review nunc Anglice and now in Latin).
to] die Iunij <Anno & c> vltimo preterito in simul convenerunt apud Tunbridge predictam in quodam Domo ibidem vocato a playehowse & predictus Edwardus Calvely Edwardus Oxley Sidneus ffrances Iohannes Holmden & willelmus Beach insultum & quendam affraiam inter se adtunc & ibidem in nocte eiusdem diei fecerunt in qua quidem affraia et insultu predictus idem Edwardus Oxley <[begin strikethrough]yeoman[end strikethrough]> cum pugione Anglice a dagger valloris xij d.
On the one hand, medical texts, represented by an edition of MS H Glasgow, University Library MS Hunter 185, described in Young--Aitken (1908: 131-132), under the heading Flora medica, Latine et Anglice, etc.