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It does not follow, however, that the weight the Anglo-American legal tradition has given to the competing state and individual interests would have been irrelevant had the Casey Court undertaken an interest-balancing analysis of the right to elective abortion.
The court should maintain this venerable distinction between inclination and overt conduct because it pervades the Anglo-American legal tradition, applicable to but extending far beyond discussions of sexuality."
Reliance on judges / In the Anglo-American legal tradition, administrative agencies exist in a sort of legal limbo.
Robert Palmer, in addition, describes his development of the digital archive, the Anglo-American Legal Tradition (AALT) web site (http://aalt.law.uh.edu), which contains an un-indexed and massive repository of single copy documents previously only available in the National Archives at Kew (of which Brand was Assistant Keeper from 1974).
This history of habeas corpus provides a useful glimpse at a subject that is simultaneously a well-known, if not so well understood, element of the Anglo-American legal tradition and a matter of much contemporary concern.
Procedural rights are central to the Anglo-American legal tradition, and of much longer pedigree than other rights that we take for granted, such as the rights to free speech and religious toleration.
The long history of the Anglo-American legal tradition and the U.S.
Bork was rejected not on account of his qualifications, ability, or integrity, but because of his judicial philosophy--a version of the philosophy of originalism that had been at the core of the Anglo-American legal tradition for centuries.
The Anglo-American legal tradition and deep-set social values as much as the dictates of the marketplace affected how the hotel was fashioned, what activities it accommodated, and who was able to participate.
In an election-induced panic attack last fall, the Republican-led Congress tossed overboard a fundamental right that has been part of the Anglo-American legal tradition since the Magna Carta in 1215.
Breaking with centuries of Anglo-American legal tradition, the Connecticut Supreme Court recently announced that it would no longer follow a rule of statutory construction that says courts should apply a literal reading of a statute's language unless it is ambiguous or would yield an unworkable result.
Jewish law, which focuses upon the obligations of human beings, does not seem to recognize the category of "artificial persons" so readily accepted by Anglo-American legal tradition. For example, Jewish law tends to treat a corporation as a partnership among natural persons, rather than considering it as a discrete legal entity, i.e., as an "artificial" person in and of itself.
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