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AAOAmerican Academy of Ophthalmology
AAOAmerican Academy of Otolaryngology (Head & Neck Surgery)
AAOAmerican Association of Orthodontists
AAOAlpha and Omega
AAOAgainst All Odds (gaming clan)
AAOAgainst All Odds
AAOAge At Onset
AAOAmerican Academy of Optometry
AAOAll As One (various locations)
AAOAlert and Oriented
AAOAnglo-Australian Observatory
AAOAmerica's Army: Operations (game)
AAOAlumni Affairs Office (various schools)
AAOAmerican Academy of Osteopathy
AAOAll at Once
AAOAcademic Affairs Office (various schools)
AAOAffirmative Action Officer (various locations)
AAOArchives Association of Ontario
AAOAmerica's Army Operations (game)
AAOAustralian Army Orders
AAOAmino Acid Oxidase
AAOAm Angegebenen Ort (German)
AAOam angegebenen Ort
AAOApproved Acquisition Objective
AAOAnodic Alumina Oxide
AAOAssociation of Aviation Ordnancemen
AAOArmy Acquisition Objective
AAOAuthorized Acquisition Objective
AAOAdministrative Appeal Office (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)
AAOAssociation des Amis des Oiseaux (French)
AAOAwake, Alert and Oriented (medical)
AAOAssociation des Archives de l'Ontario (French: Archives Association of Ontario)
AAOAcetaldehyde Oxime
AAOAirborne Area of Operation
AAOAudio, Acoustique et Ondes (French: Audio, Acoustics and Waves)
AAOArea Audit Office
AAOAutonomous Aircraft Operations
AAOAdverse Assumption Obstacle
AAOAmerican's Army: Operations (game)
AAOArmy Acquisition Organization
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Astronomers at the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Epping, Australia, helped the Hubble team choose the quasar for observation.
Jeremy Bailey of the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Epping, Australia, and his collaborators describe their observations in the July 31 Science.
Although no longer with the Anglo-Australian Observatory, DAVID MALIN continues to manage the archive of images he created there.
Renowned Anglo-Australian Observatory astronomer and S&T contributing photographer David Malin will conduct an Astrophotography Workshop at Furman University in Greenville.
Malin of the Anglo-Australian Observatory near Epping, Australia, has made a spectacular, though smaller, set of true-color celestial photographs using the traditional method of combining red, blue, and green images in the darkroom (SN: 8/8/92, p.
31[degrees] 17' S 149[degrees] 04' E 1,130 m Built in 1974, the Anglo-Australian Observatory telescope has a moving weight of 258 tons and uses a Cer-Vit primary mirror.
McNaught of the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Coonabarabran, Australia, reported in an Aug.
The astronomer, who works at the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Epping, Australia, had intended to calibrate his camera by recording the dark, featureless blur of Venus at the near-infrared wavelength of 2.
As the scientists report in the November 1999 Anglo-Australian Observatory Newsletter, two-thirds of the targets were indeed planetary nebulae.
Allen ol the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Epping and Michael G.
It may well be that David Malin's exquisite astrophotos from the Anglo-Australian Observatory and the surrealistic images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope have done more for the popularization of astronomy than all the books and articles from astronomy writers (like me) combined.
And in reflecting light from nearby stars, it exhibits a variety of colors that reveal much about its own composition as well as the influence of its surroundings, says David Malin of the Anglo-Australian Observatory in Epping, Australia.
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