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AIOCAnglo-Iranian Oil Company
AIOCAzerbaijan International Operating Company
AIOCAzerbaijan International Oil Consortium
AIOCAustralian Informatics Olympiad Committee (est. 1999)
AIOCAzerbaijan International Operating Consortium
AIOCAcceptable Initial Operating Capability
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Dylan Thomas visited Iran in early 1951 to write a film script for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, later called BP
(TmcHUD050111-KE15445) ALL HANDS ON DESK: In 1937 Milnsbridge Secondary School 'adopted' a ship's captain, Charles Stook, who worked for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Capt Stook is pictured checking that all is ship-shape in class on his third visit to the school in 1953.
Iranian prospects led to the establishment of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC--later the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company which then became British Petroleum) in 1914.
Once known as British Petroleum, and a descendent of the vaunted Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, it has sometimes been better known for its condescending attitude to Arabs, as well as Persians, and, in more recent days, for what many see as the hypocrisy of its pretended "green" logo and advertising campaign.
Perhaps the closest single parallel is with Iran in the mid-twentieth century, when the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company came to exemplify everything about foreign exploitation that most Iranians feared.
In 1946, he resumed his studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, graduating in 1949 to work as educational liaison officer with the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.
Its roots in the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company have continued to hinder its ability to deal rationally with foreign oil companies and left it with a deep mistrust of UK companies, in particular, British Petroleum.
But the British with their Anglo-Iranian Oil Company were against it and soon killed it off.
"In most cases, however, it acted mainly for economic reasons--specifically, to establish, promote, and defend the right of Americans to do business around the world without interference." To this end, Kinzer includes the detailed scheming of multinationals-United Fruit in Guatemala, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in Iran, and ITT in Chile--to oust governments inimical to their interests.
I worked for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company as a seaman and we were ordered to take oil off an Iranian tanker intercepted by the Royal Navy.
Later the British government took over and set up the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. For Britain it was, as Winston Churchill wrote, "a prize from fairy land beyond our wildest dream," one that enabled the Allies to "float to victory on a wave of oil" in the words of Lord Curzon, viceroy of India during the First World War.
Prime Minister Mossadegh nationalized Britain's fabulously lucrative Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, and American leaders feared that if the nationalization were allowed to stand, it would set a dangerous precedent that could undermine corporate power around the world.
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