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Dr Ambuhl says: It is ironic that the term prisoner of war was first expressed in the French language, in an English court but Anglo-Norman was routinely used to record legal matters.
Indeed, the reports of her death in these annals neither castigate Dervorgilla nor characterize her as responsible for the Anglo-Norman conquest.
Despite occasional mistakes, the first six chapters of this book nevertheless comprise a short introduction to the Anglo-Norman aristocracy.
Romances of Continuity in the English Rous Roll," by Yin Liu, traces the four forms by which John Rous constructs a continuous narrative of the earls of Warwick from the Anglo-Saxon period, through Guy of Warwick and his descendants, into the historical Anglo-Norman earls and down to Rous's own fifteenth century: the four are biographies, portraits, coats of arms, and genealogical charts.
Neil Cartlidge's "The Fairies in the Fountain: Promiscuous Liaisons," an investigation of Marie de France's Lanval alongside the Anglo-Norman fabliau Le Chevalier qui fist les consparler, provides a fitting introduction to the internal exploitations of Anglo-Norman literary culture.
In spite of the title there is only one essay on France as well as single ones on Scotland and Wales and several on Anglo-Norman texts; the remaining essays all deal primarily with English materials.
religious prose, histories, verse chronicles, saints' lives, Anglo-Norman romances, drama, English Romances, early fourteenth century alliterative poems and so on.
Hingst then makes the plausible suggestions that Albion was a useful name because it avoided ethnic terms in describing an ethnically diverse island and that it may also have expressed a hegemonic view of Anglo-Norman kingship that reflected the earlier claims of overlordship over Great Britain by Anglo-Saxon kings.
In the Anglo-Norman poem Le Voyage de saint Brendan by Benedeit, Brendan and his monks are in a quandary when the favorable east wind drops off and they have not yet learned to put their faith entirely in God the Navigator.
Prior to the emergence of romance as a genre in the 1160s and 1170s, the translation of the Psalms into romanz was the single most comprehensive vernacular literary impulse in the Anglo-Norman world.
Her broad appeal for nearly a millennium following her death is attested in twenty-five surviving versions of her life in Old and Middle English, Anglo-Norman, and Latin, as well as in Church dedications, rood screens, altar panels, and many other artifacts.
The two poetic prophecies in this edition--one in decasyllabic rhymed couplets, the other in monorhymed alexandrine laisses--are translations into Anglo-Norman of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Latin text of Prophetia Merlini ('Prophecies of Merlin').