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ABWAgencja Bezpieczeñstwa Wewnêtrznego (Polish: Internal Security Agency)
ABWAir Base Wing
ABWAir Base Wing (USAF squadron type)
ABWActual Body Weight
ABWActivity Based Working
ABWAlcohol By Weight
ABWA Better Way
ABWAfrican Blackwood
ABWAuto Body Works (auto repair workshop)
ABWAngry Black Woman
ABWAdvanced Business Ware (France)
ABWAntarctic Bottom Water
ABWAvailable Bandwidth
ABWAgresso Business World (software)
ABWAbandonware (outdated computer software)
ABWArizona Bike Week (motorcycles)
ABWAlready Been Worn (clothing)
ABWABestWeb (marketing forum website)
ABWAustralian Business Week (Australia)
ABWAutomatic Bank Withdrawal (financial management)
ABWApparent Beam Width
ABWall best wishes
ABWAirborne Waste
ABWAmerican Brotherhood Weekend
ABWArchitecture Bailly Warnant (French architecture company; Paris, France)
ABWAdvocates for Battered Women (Little Rock, AR)
ABWAxxcelera Broadband Wireless
ABWAußenbogenweiche (German: switch on tracks, railroads)
ABWAnti Bullying Week
ABWArctic Bottom Water
ABWArc Braze Welding
ABWApparent Band Width
ABWAll Being Well Ltd
ABWAmateur Backyard Wrestling
ABWAverage Bandwidth Waste
ABWAlfalfa, Barley, Wheatgrass
ABWAltitude Backyard Wrestling (Colorado)
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Being an Angry Black Woman was part of the territory and on the surface it didn't seem to bother them one bit.
* Joy-Ann Reid, "The Power in Being an Angry Black Woman" [interview], in Cosmopolitan, February 13, 2018: cosmopolitan.com/politics/a16637862/brittney-cooper-joy-reid-eloquent-rage.
I think that for the audience, that's exciting because it's not just another "angry black woman" without any depth.
" The interviews confirm the finding of two experimental studies (Livingston, Rosette, & Washington, 2012; Richardson, Phillips, Rudman, & Glick, 2011) that found that Black women are allowed to behave in more dominant ways than White women--although interviews also noted pushback if one is seen as an "angry Black woman."
What I've been exhausted by is the perception, the angry black woman, versus the reality, the strong black woman.
Or an angry black woman, the worst thing on earth!"
What about Sapphire (the angry black woman) and Jezebel (the licentious one)?
Is she another "angry black woman" with a chip on her shoulders braced for possible insults?
Continue reading "To the Students for Justice in Palestine, a Letter From an Angry Black Woman" at...
Of course such distinctions between the respectable and the ratchet are not the totality of black life--all experience exists along a spectrum--but if African Americans as a whole are pressured to perform anger respectably, if at all, then black women find themselves burdened by race, class, and gender politics when striving to have themselves heard beyond the "angry black woman" stereotype.
The campaign features pictures of Black Harvard students holding whiteboards with sayings that debunk various stereotypes and other expressions the students say they encounter on campus, such as "Having an opinion does not I make me an angry black woman;" "You're not blacker than me because you can rap more Jay-Z lyrics;" and "No, I did not immigrate to receive HIV/AIDs treatment." The photo campaign, which debuted alongside a play that featured interviews with the students, has gone viral and inspired Black students at other schools, including Oxford, to launch similar campaigns.
Obama is depicted as a masculine, unattractive 'angry black woman.' Most pictures are accompanied with a disrespectful caption.