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Many among the liberal intelligentsia dismiss criticisms of affirmative action as coming from "angry white males," who are presumably just upset at losing places in colleges or elsewhere to either women or minorities.
Today, pop groups have fallen out of favor (although the now-defunct Destiny's Child and *NSYNC spawned solo superstars Beyonce and Justin Timberlake), and the angry white male middle-class rock bands aren't producing many top-10 hits.
Throughout the remainder of 1994 and into the spring and summer of 1995, the phrase "angry white male'" spread like wildfire as the print media attempted to find an explanation for the results of the 1994 elections (Norris and Carroll 1997).
A family values effect is shown, but marriage and parenthood effects evident in 1992 voting could help put the angry white male argument in context.
We have heard a lot lately about the "angry white male" who wants to turn the clock back, and reassert his "rightful place" ahead of women, gays, and ethnic minorities.
Talk of the "angry White male" has grown to a fever pitch as White men say affirmative action takes what's meritoriously theirs and sympathetically gives it to unqualified Blacks.
'Jesse Helms understood before anyone else that the proverbial angry white male feels the most aggrieved, and is therefore the most likely to vote," says Larry Sabato, a professor of government at the University of Virginia.
Hopeful that Ventura would draw "angry white male" voters away from Coleman, they insisted that Ventura be included in each of 10 debates.
The banner of the Angry White Male is picked up rather pedantically by Mel Gibson in his back-to-back films, "The Man Without a Face" and "Braveheart." The former is about returning the paternal authority of the man-boy relationship while supporting the canon of Western tradition against New Age decadence.
It's an acrid, sharply written comedy -- a jetblack one -about the death throes of that newly discovered object of the world's oppression, the angry white male.
The time for colorblind attitudes is at hand, and what better way to prove to the angry white male that he's not going to get screwed over, than by screwing over everybody who's not white or male, but soon to be very angry.
Many writers believe that the rising mortality data reported by Deaton most probably was associated with angry white males who had failed to achieve success, but an examination of the data reveals that the mortality for white women was higher than for white men.