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Clearly, media focus on the angry white male in the aftermath of the 1994 elections was disadvantageous for women.
A family values effect is shown, but marriage and parenthood effects evident in 1992 voting could help put the angry white male argument in context.
The symptoms of the Angry White Male are simmering in the all-cop bar that is the Eugene O'Neill-style centerpiece of the film, but the movie prefers to wrap everything up in a watered-down Sam Peckinpah gun battle that turns Stallone back into Rambo.
She was, no doubt, yet another angry white male in disguise.
Just as 1992 became ``the year of the woman'' and 1994 was labeled ``the year of the angry white male,'' 1996 may be remembered in the state Capitol as ``the year of the great exodus.
Barkley said conservative commentator Pat Buchanan "represents the angry white male.
Many writers believe that the rising mortality data reported by Deaton most probably was associated with angry white males who had failed to achieve success, but an examination of the data reveals that the mortality for white women was higher than for white men.
You can count me as one of those angry white males that E.
Although they are self-proclaimed guardians of morality who portray multiculturalism and gender equality as going against the natural order, they really are angry white males threatened by downward social mobility, and they believe that degenerate society can only be rejuvenated through violence.
I cannot find a single sociological factor to support this grassroots movement of angry white males.
Remember the angry white males of the 1994 Congressional elections?
Strolling through Expo '95, or any similar "patriot " or militia gathering, one could delude oneself into believing that we are simply seeing a bunch of angry white males acting out their resentment against Big Brother and Big Business and that there is little reason for concern or alarm.