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The inspection revealed that the facility had neither implemented a Risk Management Program nor had it filed a Risk Management Plan with EPA, despite the facility s use of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride in multiple cylinders in a manner that could result in a release of the regulatory 1,000-pound threshold.
revealed those facilities also had failed to implement Risk Management Programs or file Risk Management Plans related to their use of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.
At the refinery, the secondary explosions have ruptured pipelines to several smaller pressurized tanks that contain thousands of gallons of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.
On October 30, 1987, a crane at Marathon Oil's Texas City refinery dropped its load, severing two pipelines that led to the top of a storage tank of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.
Yet in the end his lengthy catalogue of Iraqi defiance and suspicious procurements (specialized vacuum pumps, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and 60,000 aluminum tubes) was most significant for what it didn't say.
The process produces anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and depleted uranium oxides and uranium metal.
The anhydrous hydrogen fluoride catalyst/solvent is recovered and recycled.