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ANIMOAnimal Movement (UK, animal health)
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The training system, invented by American coach Mike Fitch, is described as, 'a combination of animal movement, strength training, martial arts, and gymnastics.
Among the topics are where to obtain spatial data, pre-processing remote sensing data, from spectral to ecological information, spatial land cover pattern analysis, and the added value of animal movement analysis and remote sensing.
Scientists have traditionally studied hands, feet, arms and legs to understand animal movement, but primates differ in body shape as much as they do in their limbs, and this is related to the ways they are designed to move about the world - whether they hold their bodies upright or horizontally, whether they hang below branches in the trees or walk above them on all fours, and more.
AAI formed a team of four officials to inspect areas on the city side of the terminal in the late evenings and wee hours to limit stray animal movement around the roads to the terminals.
All farmers that lease grazing may qualify for the lease of grazing subsidy, provided that in the case of communal areas, an animal movement permit, departure, and written permission of the traditional leader as the lessor, are annexed and in the commercial areas, an animal movement permit from the veterinary services, short term lease agreement as well as a removal certificate, are attached to the invoices supporting the claim.
Whether these differences were because of artistic license with imagery or lack of understanding of animal movement isn't clear, the authors said.
Optional digital weight indicators available from Company feature StableSENSE digital filtering that filters the weight signal to produce a stable weight display in spite of motion on the scale platform due to animal movement.
A FARMER invited for interview by council officials after alleged irregularities were discovered in his animal movement records told them to speak to the Russians.
Farmers have been urged to limit animal movement, avoid buying animals, and to burn or bury the carcasses of dead animals.
If you view animal movement as a 'rolling' body--two legs swinging back and forth--it performs the same function of an entire wheel-rim assembly.
But then it would be as the man I am listening to is Peter Elliott, animal movement director on a string of hit Hollywood films.