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AATAssociation of Accounting Technicians
AATAdministrative Appeals Tribunal
AATAnimal-Assisted Therapy
AATAccelerated Aging Test
AATAnglo Australian Telescope (Anglo-Australian Observatory, Sliding Spring, Australia)
AATAdopt-a-Teacher (various schools)
AATAustralian Antarctic Territory
AATArt & Architecture Thesaurus (Getty)
AATArc Attribute Table
AATAuto Alliance Thailand
AATAlanine Aminotransferase
AATAquatic Ape Theory (paleoanthrological hypothesis: aka AAH)
AATArmored Assault Tank (Star Wars)
AATAverage Access Time
AATAutoAlliance Thailand
AATAssociated Actors and Technicians (Weber State University; Ogden, UT)
AATAnd Another Thing
AATAmbient Air Temperature
AATAmerican Accent Training
AATAirports Authority of Thailand
AATAssociate in Arts in Teaching
AATArmored Attack Tank (Star Wars)
AATAfrican Animal Trypanosomiasis
AATAction on Alcohol and Teens
AATAdvanced Antenna Technology
AATAdvanced Algebra Trigonometry
AATAllo Anjou Taxi (French taxi service)
AATAverage Annual Temperature (climate statistic)
AATActivity As Tolerated (medical)
AATAutomatic Atrial Tachycardia
AATAtomic Axial Tensor
AATAchievement and Attainment Table
AATAsbestos Awareness Training
AATArmy Assault Team
AATAvis d'Arrêt de Travail (French: Stop Work Notice)
AATAviation Applied Technology
AATAviation Advisory Team
AATAnti-Aircraft Turret
AATAvailability Analysis Tool
AATArchitecture Analysis Tool
AATAutomatic Analog Tester
AATAdvanced Analytic Tools
AATApproach Avoidance Theory
AATAdvanced Armament Technology
AATAcceptability Advisory Team
AATAllowed Alternative Treatment (Singapore)
AATAnomaly Analysis Team
AATAustralian Accommodated Tours
AATAsbestos Abatement Team
AATAddress Allocation Table
AATAlliance Against Terrorism
AATAseite Austria Tischler
AATAdvanced Audit Technique
AATAdvanced ATM Technology (Sprint)
AATAzur Affrètement Transports (French transportation company)
AATAWSIM (Air Warfare Simulation Model) Analysis Tool (US DoD)
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Substance abuse inpatients' experience of animal-assisted therapy.
Animal-facilitated therapy (AFT), also referred to as "pet therapy," is the overarching term that refers to both animal-assisted activities (AAA) and animal-assisted therapy (AAT) (Urbanski Sc Lazenby, 2012).
The term therapy is included in this category label to imply that the animal is used for animal-assisted therapy [8] as part of a medical or allied healthcare treatment [67].
When Big Start happened, I had a vague concept of animal-assisted therapy.
COL Perry Chumley's article reveals that there have been occasions of US military use of animal-assisted therapy since World War I, but those were limited to specific locations and situations.
Comparison of the effect of human interaction, animal-assisted therapy, and AIBO-assisted therapy on long-term care residents with dementia.
Our hemodialysis clinic has an active pet therapy program, and the chapter on animal-assisted therapy has many resources that will enhance my research in this area.
Risley-Curtiss (2004) found that only seven out of 230 schools of social work that responded to a survey included much content on the human-companion animal bond (HCAB) in their courses and that what was offered was mostly about animal-assisted therapy.
McQuarrie includes authoring the American Humane's TASK Program Manual, a publication that merges two important areas of expertise: first, the practical issues involving setting up an animal-assisted therapy program and safely working with therapy animals; and second, the legal implications of effectively incorporating therapy animals in work with children that often entails a difficult court process.
The study found that animal-assisted therapy helped in boosting a patient's emotional and physical well being.
Multiple research studies have shown that animal-assisted therapy can support and enhance quality of life and decrease stress in people suffering from disease.