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The role of anion exchanger on pulmonary vascular response to sustained alveolar hypoxia in the isolated perfused rabbit lung.
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Some fibrous anion exchangers were synthesized on the basis of industrially produced PAN fiber (11-18).
The SAX cartridges used in the procedure contain the tetramethylammonium group as strong anion exchanger and acetate as the counter ion.
Molecular and cellular biology of the erythrocyte anion exchanger (AE1).
The anion exchanger used for purification of A-factor consisted of 34 [[micro]meter] diameter beads.
In the impedance-frequency ([absolute value of Z]-f) characteristics of the anion exchangers, the increase of [absolute value of Z] was observed in the low frequency range.
coli JM109 cells is summarized in Table 1 and compared with data obtained by use of the anion exchanger, DEAE-Magarose (6).
Tenders are invited for Phase I- DM Plant - Break down/ overhaul of Dual Media filters, Activated carbon filters, Mixed Beds, Strong Acid cation bed, Weak Base Anion beds, Strong base anion exchanger, Limestone Beds, Cleaning of R.