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ABPIAssociation of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (London, England, UK)
ABPIAnkle Brachial Pressure Index
ABPIAssociação Brasileira da Propriedade Intelectual (Brazilian Intellectual Property Association; Brazil)
ABPIAmerican Business & Personal Insurance (Seattle, WA)
ABPIAssociated Business Publications International (New York, NY)
ABPIAnkle Systolic Blood Pressure Index (nutrition)
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The values of the ankle brachial pressure index thus measured were grouped as follows: ABPI value Interpretation Above 1.2 Abnormal Vessel hardening from PVD 1.0-1.2 Normal range 0.9-1.0 Acceptable 0.8-0.9 Some arterial disease 0.5-0.8 Moderate arterial disease Under 0.5 Severe arterial disease The results were tabulated and statistically analysed using SPSS version 19.
The ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) is obtained by taking the brachial pulse in each arm via a blood pressure cuff and a doppler on the brachial artery in the arm.
Key Words: Atherosclerosis Ankle brachial pressure index Peripheral arterial disease Cilostazol
Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Measurement was done with the help of--Handheld Doppler machine (emco meditec India, model no.
PAD is usually diagnosed using an ankle brachial pressure index (ABI) test.
Vascular assessment using ankle brachial pressure index testing should be performed to check for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in two groups of patients: those who are symptomatic (claudication, rest pain, or nonhealing ulcer) and those who have absent posterior tibial or dorsalis pedis pulses (Diabetes Care 2008;31:1679-85).