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ANADAnniston Army Depot
ANADAnorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
ANADNational Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
ANADAsociación Nacional de Abogados Democráticos (National Association of Democratic Lawyers, Mexico)
ANADAccord de Non-Agression et d'Assistance en Matiere de Defense (French: Agreement of Non-Aggression and Defence Assistance; Economic Community of West African States)
ANADAlliance for Nationalism and Democracy (Philippines)
ANADAssociazione Nazionale Attori Doppiatori (Italian: National Association of Dubbing Actors; Italy)
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Anniston Army Depot for achieving a number of milestones with its AGT 1500 turbine engine, including 100-percent on-time delivery.
After the first unit is equipped with new M2A 1 s, M2s in the field will begin to be returned to Anniston Army Depot for refitting with the QCB kit, bringing the M2s up to the new M2A1 standard.
Abrams is a public affairs officer for the ANCA and ANCDF, Anniston Army Depot.
shipped five battle damaged Abrams tanks to Anniston Army Depot on three DODX cars for a total cost of $32,655.
Facilities at Newport Chemical Depot, Indiana, Anniston Army Depot, Alabama, Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas, Deseret Chemical Depot, Utah, and Umatilla Chemical Depot, Oregon, continue operations.
Their main purpose is to warn residents in the event of a chemical spill at the Anniston Army Depot, but they will also sound during severe weather warnings, a hazardous materials spill, and monthly tests.
Soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) traveled from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to Anniston Army Depot, Alabama, to take a look at chemical agent-filled munitions.
In order to get equipment back into the hands of war-fighters, depots like Anniston Army Depot, Ala.
Honeywell, TACOM, the Life Cycle Management Command and Anniston Army Depot integrate all the engineering and implementation steps necessary to cut engine support costs.
Disposal facilities are currently operating at Anniston Army Depot.