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Nonetheless, like the rest of the trust sector, REITs responded negatively on the announcement date and the day following.
We find that the largest arbitrage profits are earned by investors who enter the game at the beginning of the after-hours session of the announcement date. The arbitrage is profitable even after accounting for the bid-ask spread.
On the announcement date of an option grant, the firm incurs no expenses, so there's no effect on either the taxes paid or on the earnings reported to the stockholders.
E[] = the predicted level of [] from a first-order serial correlation regression of [] on [V.sub.MKT] where [V.sub.MKT] is the percentage of outstanding shares traded for all NYSE-listed firms in CRSP, estimated over days -55 to -6 and +6 to +55 relative to the announcement date. (8)
As a result, in respect of a transaction-based tax such as the GST, TEI believes that limited, ad hoc transition periods are an inadequate remedy for eliminating the technical, and possibly widespread, non-compliance that results from an "effective on announcement date" policy.
The announcement date is obtained through a key word search of the wire service on the Lexis/Nexis database.
Specifically, we asked if the company might change the announcement date if there were favorable (unfavorable) economic information or if a lower- (higher-) than-expected earnings figure itself might warrant a change of announcement date.
The remaining 36 days of return relatives - ten days before the announcement the announcement date, and twenty-five days after the announcement - were examined for unusual performance by the bank stocks.
However, he said BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak had yet to set the announcement date.
The announcement date was set back a second time to give the head of the CDU's sister Christian Social Union (CSU) party, Horst Seehofer, time to decide whether his party would support Merkel's candidacy, according to the report.
But word of the announcement date immediately began spreading on social media and the campaign lifted the embargo shortly before midnight.