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The spotlight on her has only grown since, and the long lead-up to her announcement date only ratchets up the anticipation and speculation about her plans.
Index funds would like to reduce their purchase price by rebalancing before the effective date, such as the night session following the announcement date.
We hypothesize that most of the arbitrage will occur in the first session that traders can use the public information, which is the night session of the announcement date.
Using daily close price data, the market response to the 135 sample index additions is shown in Table 1 for both the announcement date (Panel A) and the effective date (Panel B).
On the announcement date of an option grant, the firm incurs no expenses, so there's no effect on either the taxes paid or on the earnings reported to the stockholders.
The impact of the higher expected cash flows on the firm's value (and the share price) occurs on the announcement date.
If the share price increases on the announcement date, then the benefits attributable to the employee stock options outweigh the costs on a present discounted value basis.
The effective date of the proposed changes is the announcement date.
Therefore, only a very small percentage of the participants believe that economic/market information interact with their earnings announcement date.
The mean responses for changing an announcement date because of unexpected lower/higher earnings are 2.
Thus, performance is measured by considering abnormal returns to both acquiring firms and their targets around the announcement date.
If more than a five-day gap exists between reported speculation of a pending announcement and the formal announcement, the formal announcement date is used.