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The National Highway Authority got the lion's share of Rs101.5 billion against annual allocation of Rs185.2 billion.
The North-East is due to get pounds 42m to spend on its own transport priorities during this financial year, with annual allocations rising to an average of pounds 45.4m by 2016.
Katayama, on the other hand, balked at a proposal to cut the overall size of annual allocations of national tax revenues to local governments.
They will be expected to meet the costs of treatments recommended by Nice out of their general annual allocations.
The state allocated land for non-Islam places of worship, provided funding of about RM30 million since 2008 for religions other than Islam, granted annual allocations of RM1.5 million to the Hindu Endowment Board, provided annual allocations to mission- or religious-based schools and ensured developers provide equal amounts of religious land for religions other than Islam.
On top of all this, the shortfall in the National Assembly's local government annual allocations still regularly contributes to higher-thaninflation council tax increases and, according to councils throughout Wales, cuts in services.
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