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AERAnnual Equivalent Rate
AERAssembly of European Regions
AERArmy Emergency Relief
AERAustralian Energy Regulator
AERAdler/Sochi (Russia)
AERAmerican Economic Review
AERAlberta Energy Regulator (Alberta, Canada)
AERAssociation for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired
AERAdverse Event Reporting (pharmaceutical clinical trials)
AERAnnual Environmental Report (various locations)
AERAgricultural Economics Research
AERAtmospheric and Environmental Research
AERAll Electric Range
AERAllocation Équivalent Retraite
AERApical Ectodermal Ridge (developmental biology)
AERAdvanced Edge Router
AERAttribute Error Rate
AERAuthorized Education Reseller
AERAlbumin Excretion Rate (medical)
AERAction for Economic Reforms (Philippines)
AERAlliant Energy Resources, Inc. (Wisconsin)
AERAustralian Educational Researcher (Australian Association for Research in Education)
AERAlcohol Education and Rehabilitation (Australia)
AERAuditory Evoked Response
AERAcoustic Evoked Response
AERAssociation of European Radios (Brussels, Belgium)
AERAddress-Event Representation (communications protocol for transferring spikes between bio-inspired chips)
AERAcademic Evaluation Report
AERAccident Excess Reduction
AERArtisans des Energies Renouvelables (French: Artisans of Renewable Energy)
AERArmy in Europe Regulation (US Army)
AERAcceptable Error Rate
AERAgrupacion Espeleologica Ramaliega
AERAdverse Experience Report (various locations)
AERAnnual Emissions Report
AERAverage Evoked Response
AERActive Error Recovery
AERAlpha Epsilon Rho (college broadcast fraternity)
AERAlteration Equivalent to Repair
AERAll England Reports (Law)
AERAir Energy Recovery
AERAnnual Earnings Rate
AERApproach End Runway
AERAfter Engine Room
AERAgence Exécutive pour la Recherche (French: Executive Research Agency; Brussels, Belgium)
AERAdvanced Electric Reactor
AERAgri-Energy Roundtable (est. 1980)
AERAssociation for Education in Radio
AERAlteration Equivalent to a Repair (US Navy)
AERAdvance Engineering Release
AERAdvanced Exploration Research
AERAssessment and Evaluation Report
AERAcoustic Emission Receiver
AERAppropriate Extent of Remedy
AERAlteration Engineering Request
AERAutomatic Event Recorder
AERAnything Else Robin (Howard Stern)
AERAverage Event Rate
AERAllowable Energy Range (physics)
AERAcute Epileptic Reaction (neurology)
AERAll-Electric Energy Range
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Annual Earnings Rate = [Estimated Annual Loan Payment/Higher of Mean or Median Earnings of Graduates]
Pass, Zone, or Fail Determinations by Annual Earnings and Discretionary Income Rates Discretionary Discretionary Discretionary Income Rate Income Rate Income Rate 20% or Lower Between 20% Higher Than (Pass) and 30% (Zone) 30% (Fail) Annual Earnings Rate 8% or Lower (Pass) Pass Pass Pass Annual Earnings Rate Between 8% and 12% (Zone) Pass Zone Zone Annual Earnings Rate Higher Than 12% (Fail) Pass Zone Fail Source: Program Integrity: Gainful Employment, 34 CFR [section] 668 (2014).
where [PV.sub.0] = present value of future earnings at t=0; WL = expected working life in years at t=0; [E.sub.0] = annual earnings rate at t=0; [g.sub.[alpha]] = rate of growth in earnings in period [alpha] ([alpha] = 1, 2, ..., WL); [d.sub.[alpha]] = discount rate in period [alpha] ([alpha] = 1, 2, ..., WL); and [pi] = multiplication operator.
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