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In the period beginning July 1, 2014, through the period June 30, 2015, the university performed 102 solicitations: 35 telefund segments; 17 direct mail campaigns; 10 annual fund drive appeals; 21 sponsorship appeals; and 19 other solicitations.
After that, they hope to fund ongoing operational costs with things including an annual fund drive, underwriting and private donations.
The council's annual fund drive raises more than $8 million through the support of 26,000 corporate and individual donors.
FITCHBURG -- IC Federal Credit Union recently donated $2,000 to help underwrite the Our Father's House annual fund drive concert to be held on April 12 in Weston Auditorium at Fitchburg State University.
We also ask that you give generously to our annual fund drive, which provides for a critical gap in our funding needs.
FSU SBA also was instrumental in helping the law school reach an impressive student giving rate: 81 percent of students made cash gifts to the college during the 2013 Student Annual Fund Drive.
Rather, the organization is putting effort and energy into their annual fund drive in order to cut costs and maximize revenue.
January is when the Razorback Foundation begins its football annual fund drive and fans will soon be asked to make appointments to pick their seats--in person or, potentially, online.
The funds raised will benefit the Goodyear Area Annual Fund Drive for the National Foundation for Cancer Research and support ongoing research programs in Phoenix.
6," McAteer said, referring to the school's annual fund drive and the day he started his new position.
The nonprofit agency's well-publicized annual fund drive raises millions of dollars each year to benefit dozens of social services agencies from youth clubs to battered women's shelters to food banks to day care programs.
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