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AMTAnnual Mean Temperature
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By the end of this century, the annual mean temperature in Pakistan is expected to rise by 3AdegC to 5AdegC for a central global emissions scenario, while higher global emissions may yield a rise of 4AdegC to 6AdegC.
Most reporting stations across the Caribbean recorded annual mean temperatures in 2017 that were near or above their 1981-2010 average, and several locations experienced annual maximum temperatures that were among their five highest on record.
Table 2: Results from simulations with hospital placed in Vardo and Kautokeino north in Norway with an annual mean temperature at 1,6 [degrees]C (35 F) and -2,0 [degrees]C (28,4 F) (.
The temperature data at Erinpura Road (Pali) centre suggests a rise in average annual mean temperature from 23.3[degrees]C to 24.1[degrees]C during 1980 and 1989 and 1990 and 1999 respectively.
The spatial distributions of future changes in annual mean temperature in Yunnan province (compared with the base period) under the RCP2.6, RCP4.5, and RCP8.5 scenarios were obtained by a radial basis function (RBF) interpolation technique using the ArcGIS10.1 software package.
In order to understand whether the associations between TV and mortality are different by climate (for example, whether warm/cold locations have higher effect estimates for TV-mortality associations than cold/warm locations), we divided 372 communities into four groups (cold, moderate cold, moderate hot, and hot areas) by the quantiles ([less than or equal to] 25th, 25th-50th, 50th-75th, and > 75th) of their annual mean temperatures during the study period (each community had one value for annual mean temperature) (see Figure S1).
Specifically, we included BIO1 (annual mean temperature); BIO2 (mean diurnal temperature range); BIO6 (minimum temperature of coldest month); BIO7 (temperature annual range); BIO12 (annual precipitation); BIO13 (precipitation of wettest month); and BIO14 (precipitation of driest month).
There has been an increase in annual mean temperature by 0.57 degrees Celsius; and
"Whilst a strong El NiEo event is currently in progress, the impact of El NiEo (and La NiEa) on global annual mean temperatures is typically strongest in the second calendar year of the event," the WMO report says "and hence the year whose annual mean temperature is likely to be most strongly influenced by the current El NiEo is 2016 rather than 2015."
Hence, the threshold is adjusted so that the daily average temperature above 28[degrees]C (SV28) is fixed as the first threshold temperature index because it exceeds the value of the annual mean temperature. The second threshold is determined from considering the influence of temperature on agriculture products where higher temperature is known to reduce yields.
eastern), NDVI, elevation, annual precipitation, annual mean temperature, and annual range of temperature were examined for association with wound mold contamination on a per individual basis (Table 1).
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