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AOBAll on Board
AOBAnnals of Botany
AOBAlgemene Onderwijsbond
AOBAny Other Business
AOBAs on Board (shipping)
AOBAmerican Oriental Bioengineering (pharmaceuticals)
AOBAudio Object
AOBAudio Output Board
AOBAll on a Bitch (business motto)
AOBAce of Base (band)
AOBArchdiocese of Baltimore (Catholic Church)
AOBAssociation of Brewers
AOBAmmonia Oxidizing Bacteria
AOBAccessory Olfactory Bulb
AOBAt or Below (aviation)
AOBAdvanced Operations Base (US DoD)
AOBAssignment of Benefits
AOBAustrian Ombudsman Board (est. 1977)
AOBAlcohol On Breath
AOBAviation Operations Branch (US DoD)
AOBAir Order of Battle
AOBAnnual Operating Budget
AOBAngle Of Bank
AOBAstronomical Observatory, Belgrade
AOBAssociation Ornithologique de Belgique (French: Ornithological Association of Belgium)
AOBAnterior Open Bite (dentistry)
AOBArts Off Broadway (San Diego, CA)
AOBAdjusted Occupied Bed
AOBAppellant's Opening Brief
AOBAll Other Business
AOBAttack on Babylon
AOBAway on Business (hospitality discount program)
AOBAlliance of Baptists
AOBArt of Books (bookseller website)
AOBAngle On the Bow
AOBArray of Bytes (computer code)
AOBAndy O'Brien (Irish soccer player)
AOBApproved Operating Budget
AOBAudio of Being (Matthew Good album)
AOBArt of Business
AOBAirfield Operations Board
AOBAlternate Operating Base
AOBAirfield Operations Battalion (US Army Aviation)
AOBAir Operations Branch
AOBAmicale Ornithologique du Blavet (French ornithological association)
AOBAnalog Output Board
AOBAnalytical Operations Branch
AOBAuxiliary Order Board
AOBAdiabatic Oxygen Bomb (calorimeter)
AOBAngle Of Bearing
AOBAlignment Outlet Box(es)
AOBAlliance of Brothers (gaming guild)
AOBAsymptotic Optimal Boundary
AOBAlcohol on Board (healthcare)
AOBAuthorization of Billing (Medicare)
AOBAll Out Bombing (gang)
AOBAgenda on Board
AOBAnnouncer on Board (advertising)
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The chain said it would continue to support the foundation's annual operating budget and overhead, and that it also donates $1 million annually to support microlending programs.
This event is a major part of the club's annual operating budget.
Begun in a local grade school cafeteria back in 1986, his World Changers Church now boasts a membership roll of over 25,000 and an annual operating budget of more than $80 million.
He managed an annual operating budget of $2 billion and a capital expenditures budget of $100 million, as well as nearly 9,700 employees in 34 facilities.
This $4 million payment is not part of the annual operating budget of the secretariat and will not re-occur in subsequent years.
The frontier research unit, located at IPSCO's existing R&D facility in Regina, Saskatchewan, is expected to maintain a $3 million annual operating budget.
The diocesan executive committee, which is responsible for approving the annual operating budget, was faced with a significant difference between the amount of income expected and the expenses we anticipate," said Bishop Anderson in the December issue of Caledonia Times, the diocesan newspaper: "Factors included increasing costs for insurance, our obligations to the Residential School Settlement Fund, and increased grant applications from parishes.
With an annual operating budget of $10 million and a campaign goal of $110 million (with $102 million raised so far), the project has already drawn in high-profile "partners" such as Oprah Winfrey, Deloitte & Touche, Boeing, Xerox, Coca-Cola, and Sara Lee.
It has 26,000-plus employees and has an annual operating budget of $1.
When she was appointed HRC's executive director in 1995, the group had 109,000 members, an annual operating budget of $6 million, and a staff of 40.
This position is also responsible for preparing, presenting, and overseeing the annual operating budget and the annual financial report.
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