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Dodd-Frank established the CFPB's budget at as much as 12% of the Fed's annual operating expense. "That is roughly $600 million without any Congressional oversight over the agency's functions," Perdue stated.
The acquisition, which is seen to be enhancing to Perrigo's adjusted earnings per share in 2014, is expected to result in over USD150m of recurring after-tax annual operating expense and tax savings.
That is, if Wonderful Widgets has an annual operating expense ratio of 25 percent, then its operating expenses in a month when it estimates it will do $1 million in sales is calculated as $250,000; and $500,000 when sales are estimated to be $2 million if we assume that operating expenses vary directly with changes in sales.
Because hospitals typically spend about 3 percent of operating expense on IT, federal grants made as part of the current economic stimulus bill should not be invested in EHR systems that cost more than 1.5 percent of a hospital's annual operating expense. Additionally, investments must be made into affordable systems that both work and yield measurable improvements in patient care.
InterMune will take a number of steps to reduce operating expenses, which will have the effect, once fully implemented by 2008, of reducing the company's total annual operating expense levels by $40 to $50 million, compared to the company's original 2007 financial guidance.
She comes up with $450--the total annual operating expense. Using the breakeven formula, she finds her breakeven level of sales under the No Debt scenario as follows:
The combined company expects to achieve approximately $25 million of annual operating expense savings in connection with the transaction in year three.
If the voters are presented with a proposal to abolish the TABOR surplus and refunds, the statutory Bird-Arveschoug 6 percent general-fund spending limit on annual operating expense increases should remain in place and should only be exceeded with voter approval.
Potential return to the host is US$ 3.85 million of avoided capital and US$ 750,000 avoided annual operating expense per facility.
The decision indicates that this would require the Coast Guard to de-obligate the claims processing expenses from the no-year appropriation, and to charge these expenses "instead to the annual operating expense appropriation in effect at the time those expenses were incurred." (35)
Tauzin said the trust fund should be large enough to generate 70% of "the annual operating expense of each public broadcasting station." Pubcasters back the idea of a trust fund and have proposed that it be financed with at least $5 billion.
With an annual operating expense figure of 18%, this self-insurance group was operating efficiently; its overhead costs were 40% below the national average after giving substantial premium discounts.
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