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The new arrangement provided a power saving of 1090 kW which translates into a considerable saving every year that has been estimated between [euro]218,000 ($237,000) and [euro]436,000 ($475,000) depending on the annual operating hours. Furthermore, the initial installation costs are lower than those for a variable speed drive and the overall efficiency is higher.
It can be found that the use of CSP-PV hybrid system, which CSP system is to make up for the output power fluctuations of PV systems, can be combined with the advantages of both systems to increase annual operating hours of PV systems to reduce the rate of discards and decrease LCOE of the system but also can guarantee stable output.
Emphasising on the advantage of the innovative "VVR + Inverter" technology in the Middle East, regional business director - Chillers & Modular Plants, Paras Adhvaryu stated: "Combining VVR + Inverter technology, EWAD-MZ provides the region's consulting engineers and end users with the right balance between the design of air cooled chiller which can operate at peak ambient conditions of Middle East (typically 46+ [degrees]C ), and the advantage of lower operating cost at lower ambient/ reduced load conditions (prevalent more than 90% of annual operating hours).
My own experience with the two terminal types is primarily in the southeastern United States, where heating loads are low and annual operating hours for the fans in parallel flow terminals are minimal.
* The costs for staff, production area, capital interest rates and annual operating hours are based on the "International Production Cost Comparison 2014" by the International Textile Manufacturers Federation, Zurich/Switzerland.
"Schools are among the easier NZE projects because they often have fewer annual operating hours than other building types.
Estimating energy savings for Tier 1 controls is fairly simple and can be accomplished by collecting or estimating the luminaire power and annual operating hours for the time period before (pre-controls) and after (post-controls) are implemented.
At the same time, annual operating hours decreased 9 percent and weekly lumber production fell by 26 percent.
Such assumptions, however, are based upon a genset's annual operating hours, as well as on specifying the correct size (in kilowatts) and the correct class of equipment from among the following three options:
* The operating costs identified in the Table 2 are based upon annual operating hours of the hospital of 8,760 hours per annum.
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