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ARORAccounting Rate of Return
ARORAverage Rate of Return
ARORAnnual Rate of Return
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government bonds, would have done better, with an ending 2006 value of $18,235 and an annual rate of return of 4.
Lee, who is GIC's chairman, said at the company's 25th anniversary dinner that the GIC reaped an annual rate of return that averaged 9.
Would you, personally, invest in the stock of a company that provides you with a 2 percent to 3 percent maximum annual rate of return, knowing your entire investment is at risk and you have no control in the management of the company?
4 billion and cut its annual rate of return by two percentage points," he said.
But manufacturing also played a part with an annual rate of return rising to 7.
The 2005 Ariel/Schwab Black Investor Survey found that African Americans place a substantially greater financial value on their homes when it comes to retirement planning, even though employer-sponsored retirement plans could potentially deliver a higher annual rate of return over the long term.
The results of his estimation suggest that there is little, if any, intangible value created by investments in intellectual property or non-IT physical capital, but that intangible "organizational capital" created by it investment is rewarded with a 70-percent annual rate of return.
They say they need this direct access to achieve a viable annual rate of return - of 16-18% over 30 years - on the petrochemical plants, power stations and desalination plants they would build as part of the deal.
The Fifth Circuit determined the Tax Court had used an inconsistent assumption--namely, that a hypothetical purchaser would engage in long-range timber production even though the timber property's annual rate of return was substantially lower than the return most investors would require.
A seminal study by Baumol (1986), for example, estimated the real annual rate of return on paintings over the period 1652 to 1961 to be only 0.
It is easy to present a story in which everyone gets rich if the annual rate of return is high enough," the authors say.
To support this assertion, Fridson indicates that the average annual rate of return on the Standard & Poor's 500 Index between 1926 and 1998 was around 13.
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