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ARORAccounting Rate of Return
ARORAverage Rate of Return
ARORAnnual Rate of Return
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Since its inception in 2005 and as of March 31, 2016, American Capital Special Situations has invested USD1.2 billion in 14 companies and earned a 22 percent compounded annual rate of return.
And to further develop the point, the worst loss in a 10-year holding period was less than I percent annually and the worst 20-year holding period didn't just make money, it provided a 6 percent annual rate of return! Granted, the next 64 years could look a lot different than the past sixty four, but the study period had its share of crises, too (multiple wars, financial disruption, political conflict, etc.).
On the credit union's website operated by Oxford Privacy Group, investors were told that their deposits were purportedly earning investment returns that averaged, during the January 2007 through December 2009 period, 0.471% each trading day, equating to an approximately 356% average annual rate of return.
To calculate the ratio, the difference is first calculated between the annual rate of return on the portfolio and the minimum required rate of return, and then divided by the annual downside risk (Feibel, 2003).
Based on current market conditions, investors' annual rate of return is estimated at 12 percent.
Interestingly, the rental yields - the annual rate of return through rental income from a residential property at the current price - in developed countries are higher than those in emerging economies.
* ASR: Multiple regression models shows that 21.6 percent of annual rate of return is processed by the independent variables.
It builds on Finacle's success of delivering powerful benefits to global banks, including an annual rate of return of over 55 per cent on core banking transformation investments, it said.
The firm said that its compounded annual rate of return earned on its debt and equity securities over the life of its investment was 16%, including interest, gains and fees.
The project is up for completion in 2016 and is expected to give investors a 12 per cent annual rate of return. Under its investment scheme, buyers can purchase hotel rooms that are then leased back in exchange for 40 per cent of the room revenue.
The table below shows the tax-free equivalent annual rate of return when your taxable return is 8%.
For instance, if the annual rate of return is 8.5 per cent and the person is in the 30 per cent tax bracket, the post- tax return will be less than 6 per cent ( 5.95 per cent to be precise).
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