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ANREPAnnual Report
ANREPAssociation of Natural Resource Extension Professionals
ANREPAppraisal of the Navy RDT&E Program
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The high assessment of the JSC TATNEFT Annual Report is the recognition by the business community as a whole of the Company's activities, the level of its corporate management, information disclosure and effective interaction with shareholders, investors and the public.
Oman Air's Annual Report won two Golds as did Bahrain's Islamic Retail Bank, Ithmaar Bank.
It also earned the gold award for the most improved annual report worldwide, as well as in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.
When some European governments, faced with criticism from the BIS economists over the prospect of a single European currency, put their central banks under pressure to get a handle on the drafting process of the BIS Annual Report, they met with stiff resolve from the BIS to protect the independence and integrity of the institution's economic research.
So it is easy to see why one of the main goals for the annual report was to put the company on the map --while many of its small-town locations, quite literally, are not.
2004-40 has new language stating that facts are material "with regard to annual reports"--presumably referring to facts reflected in annual reports--"if, for example, knowledge of the facts would have resulted in (a) a materially different allocation of income, deductions, or credits than reported in the annual report or (b) the failure to meet a critical assumption" (64) This suggests that a material misrepresentation of fact in an annual report may trigger cancellation of the APA.
When the print annual report is converted into one big PDF file, it's not uncommon to see PDFs weighing in at 4 megabytes or more.
investors, the annual report is still regarded as the second-most important information upon which to base investment decisions, after sell-side research.
gov/fomc); they are also reprinted in the Board's Annual Report (www.
The Annual Report for 1918 does not specify juvenile offenses.
Turn to page xx of a publicly traded company's annual report.
For small African American-owned businesses with limited budgets, making the most of an annual report can be a challenge.
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