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Ann FibAnnulus Fibrosis (medical condition)
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Annulus fibrosis ADC values were recorded from the 16 points of the outer area, and the mean was calculated.
3 Collagen structure of the disc is changed and nociceptors are coagulated by penetrating into nucleus pulposus through annulus fibrosis posterior using a percutaneous needle or a cannula in intradiscal treatment techniques similar to IDET.
The IVD is made up of the nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosis that together cushion and allow flexibility within the spine.
One is the disc lesion itself, in other words, the weakened or ruptured fibers of the annulus fibrosis.
1) Typical Romanus lesions are situated at the attachment of the annulus fibrosis to the vertebral endplate, and can be in the anterior, posterior or marginal regions of the DVU.
Indeed at the L4-5 and slightly less at the L5-S1 levels, the two layers that normally compose the posterior longitudinal ligament are firmly connected to each other and the annulus fibrosis, thus favouring disc herniation and perforation of the dura mater (4).
We know that excessive spinal joint laxity under mechanical loading in BJHS can lead to a torn annulus fibrosis because of abnormal annular collagen alignment in the lumbar spinal discs; therefore, the purpose of the present study was to identify whether or not there is a relationship between BJHS and LDH.