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There are no enough cases in literature to examine the safety of using the CVL inserted in an anomalous pulmonary vein. In our case, we opted to remove the catheter since we had alternative options.
Townley, "Central venous catheter malposition in an anomalous pulmonary vein," European Journal of Anaesthesiology, vol.
Caption: Figure 2: Fluoroscopy study showing left IJ CVL extending through the anomalous pulmonary vein.
For right sided PAPVC to SVC and sinus venosus ASD, patch baffling has been described between the right sided anomalous pulmonary veins and left atrium along with with an additional patch to augment SVC.9 Warden technique has also been suggested which involves SVC reimplantation into right atrial appendage along with patch baffling of SVC orifice.10,11 The idea is to eliminate the intra atrial communication without narrowing of pulmonary vein or SVC and avoiding any injury to sinus node.
Surgical techniques in partial anomalous pulmonary veins to the superior vena cava.
A fistulous connection between the large anomalous pulmonary vein and the right inferior pulmonary vein which drains into the left atrium was also noted (Figure 3).
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