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ANIDAnonymous ID
ANIDActive Network Intrusion Defense
ANIDAção Negra de Integração e Desenvolvimento (Portuguese: Black Action Integration and Development; Brazil)
ANIDAssociazione Nazionale Igienisti Dentali (Italian: National Dental Hygienists' Association; Italy)
ANIDAssociazione Nazionale Insegnanti di Danza (Italian: National Association of Teachers of Dance)
ANIDAfrican Network for Integrated Development (Senegal)
ANIDAlliance of Nigerians in Diaspora (est. 1960)
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The distribution service provider informs the utilization service provider of the anonymous ID for the analytics corresponding to the user ID and the access ticket information.
A temporary anonymous ID will be created to enable the service provider to contact the user based on the policy defined by the user.
Even with the anonymous ID, management of service access can be achieved by monitoring the status of communication between the service provider and the user, in addition to whether the service was used or not.
Those people use anonymous IDs to spew venom against different sections of society.
These regulations have two main purposes: first, to ensure that privileged identities are in fact secured; and second, to tie any activity performed under these generic and anonymous IDs to real-life individuals.